Sunday, January 15, 2012


About Me

A food stylist and budding entrepreneur by profession, a free-spirit wanderer that loves life as a person.  A Jill of all trades, master of 'em all.  She keeps herself busy, and people thinks she's crazy.  That's why her blog is named man-goes-bananas, not just because she loves those fruits.
"What interests me is my personality. What defines me is my character."

Why advertise on this site? is a blog that revolves around the art, beauty, fashion, film, food, history, music, performing arts, photography, and travel.  An advocate of beauty in all shapes and sizes; local tourism, preservation and restoration of historical sites and landmarks; livelihood programs and nutrition.

She believes that sharing her experiences is a way of contributing to the society.  And by sharing, the author would love to review your products and services! :)

This blog offers the following services:

Sponsored Post/Advertorial
A minimum of 300-word blog post written by the author that includes social networking buzz on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+.

Product Feature
Product mention in a blog post where the product is most related (food styling, food review, recipe, kitchen tools/equipment review, recipes, travel, beauty, fashion, etc.)

The author will review the product/s that you will send.  She might also make a video out of it depending on the package that you will choose.

Banner Placement
Please refer to the images found on the blog for banner size and placement.

Netizens will talk more about your products through giveaways by you sending your product/s as prizes and the author will be providing the mechanics and social media blast.  A token from your company is highly appreciated for this kind of advertisement.

For prices and packages, please e-mail your inquiries to curlyscribblings[at]gmail[dot]com.

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