Sunday, January 15, 2012

Starbucks Green Tea Frappe & Waffle

I'm not a big Starbucks fan.  I don't usually follow the hype nor drink coffee.  It just so happen that the credit card I'm using is giving free Starbucks drink if I have a thousand-worth of purchase, wherein I just have to present the receipt and have a tall drink of my choice.  There are many restrictions to what I should drink or eat these days due to my current acid reflux condition, so as much as possible I choose the lesser evil stuff.  Good thing Starbucks offered However-You-Want-It-Frappucino, at least I get the chance to play with the flavors.  But I still stick to my simple self, which is green tea frappe in soy milk.  Yep, tea is a no-no, but I can't help it!  I always drink vanilla, eat vanilla (ice cream), so this is somewhat different.  LOL.  Yeah, I like it simple.
photo by apueblo
photo by apueblo
Since I was so bored earlier this day due to no work load (and decided to put up this blog), I then had this craving for pancakes or waffles.  Most of my daily routine after work includes a 10-15-minute walk from my drop-off point to my boyfriend's office.  From there, we'll have a merienda (afternoon snack) at 4PM that I, most of the time, treat it as my dinner since I'm trying so hard to go to bed as early as 8PM.  As we meet, most often, we go straight to Starbucks and order our usual Green Tea Soya frappe (for free, thanks to those credit cards) with sandwich.  I ordered an extra waffle this time because I'm dying to have one!    As I was playing Cows vs. Aliens on bf's iPod and while waiting for him on our chosen spot, this friendly barista approached me with a tray full of frappe shots on her hands.  She asked me if I would want to try their new Black Sesame Green Tea Cream Frappuccino, of course I'd be more than willing to try it (plus it's free haha)!  She even told me that if there's an X mark at the bottom of the plastic cup, there'll be a prize.  Too bad it doesn't have one.  So yeah, I went on and sipped through this tiny cup.  It's good!  After bf had a sip, he reminded me that it tastes like palitaw, a sweet flattened rice cake covered in sugar, sesame seed and grated coconut.  I liked it.
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The verdict:  The drinks, well, it's so-so.  I'm not really a big fan of Starbucks since they're not consistent on the quality of the drinks.  Yup, I've ordered caramel macchiato from different branches when I was still allowed to do so, but only Starbucks Valero (behind PBCom Tower) does make it right.  So thumbs down for their inconsistencies on the quality of their drinks.  Overall, the waffles are good.  Their pastries were supplied by Purple Oven but Starbucks's recipe version is somewhat different to what their supplier offers (as to what I was told.. let me try it next time).  Good waffles, crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside.  Yum!  Too bad they're small.  :)

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