Monday, February 27, 2012

Cafe Antonio Elbi

Before ending my trip in Los Baños, Laguna, my friend and I went to this cafe she's been raving about all day--Cafe Antonio.

The place is situated alongside the main road in Barangay Maahas, so it's not difficult to find this local coffee place.  HM/DLTBCO buses pass by this road from Manila to Sta. Cruz or vice versa.  The cafe is indeed tiny, yet very homey.  Too bad I was too shy to take photos of the place.  Anyway, next door is Arla, a fine dining restaurant as they say.  Looks promising.  Will try there next time when I visit elbi.

Sweet Latte Php 125
I wasn't able to finish the drink even if I had it to-go.

Due to the extreme heat, I ordered iced sweet latte since it's Canton's specialty (Canton short for Cafe Antonio.. witty huh?).  Always, ALWAYS order the house specialty when you're new to a place.

I'm not a coffee drinker, but I liked this drink.  It's subtly sweet, which I love, and the coffee is fine.  I prefer this over Starbucks (I'm not a fan, by the way).

For the price, well, it's almost the same as those coffee shops in the metro.  Maybe I was thinking too much about "provincial" rates, so I wasn't too happy how much my drink costs.  :p

I'm not in the mood of having a meal at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, so I asked for a dessert menu instead that will help me perk up since I'm feeling tired from all the walk we just did around UPLB.

Chocolate Apple Cake Php 75

I had this chocolate apple cake instead of the usual cheesecake.  I took a risk here since I haven't tasted this kind of cake.  Wrong move.  Should have stuck on my advice, order the house specialty!  0_o

The "icing" or that mocha thing above the cake is too sweet (but it tastes good with my sweet latte).  They weren't able to cream the sugar on the "icing" because I can still feel the grainy texture of the sugar or the powdered cocoa.  Nakakaumay.  Looking at the photos makes me want to throw up, seriously.  Ang sakit sa lalamunan.  I never craved this dessert since then.

Nevertheless, I'd still go back, bring a book, and order other drink.  Or maybe you might want to come with me and just hang out.


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