Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pho Hanoi Calamba, Laguna

Last February 16th, my friend and I went to her hometown in Los Banos, Laguna.  But before heading straight to her place, we dropped off at Calamba, Laguna to have our lunch at her aunt's Vietnamese restaurant, Pho Hanoi.

Pho Hanoi Calamba, Laguna

The place was simple.  Menu prices were average.

Fried Spring Rolls

Our fried spring rolls were served in this small long plate and were just placed side by side.  My friend's cousin initiated on having our rolls cut into bite sizes.  He then served us mint leaves with bean sprouts for our soup, but I used some of the mint leaves for presentation purposes.  I then created a height on our spring roll plate by stacking the bite-size rolls and adding the leaves on the side.  And that's how busy I am.  I treat it as my ritual to do some artsy stuff (aka food photography) before eating.  :p

Fried Spring Rolls

Oh, by the way, we ate a couple of bite-size spring rolls before taking shots of this appetizer.  Hehe.

The rolls were good, especially when dipped on its sweet-chili vinegar sauce.  I loved it.  :)

Pho Hanoi Noodle Soup
The Pho Hanoi noodle soup was served in a large bowl.  It costs Php 220 but good for two.  It's very refreshing and filling.

On the photo above, I poured some soup and noodles on my small bowl, added chili, bean sprouts and a mint leaf to accentuate and to add flavor too.  Yum!  :)

a warm dessert.. i don't know what it's called
 And as for our dessert, we were given this warm dessert that reminds me of kutsinta.  Though the yellow paste in the middle is mashed munggo.  Simply delish.  Loved it.  It's on the house, by the way, so I don't know how much this dessert costs.

another take on a different angle..

Overall, I really loved dining in this place.  It really satisfied my palate.  I'm not a big fan of Vietnamese cuisine, but Pho Hanoi changed my mind.  They're my favorite!  Now I'm craving for their fried spring rolls, Pho Hanoi noodle soup and the dessert!  ^_^  I'll definitely visit this place next time.

I'm loving Laguna!

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