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Coron Trip Itinerary, Tips & Review

As I've mentioned on my previous post, we got a great 3D/2N deal at  We paid the total amount of Php 14, 450 for three heads that includes buffet breakfast on the second and third day, Coron Island tour on the second day, roundtrip airfare and ground transfers.


  • Pack light.  Just bring clothes for three days and swimwear.  No need to bring towels as you can borrow at Dive Link's receiving area when you're about to go on Coron Island tour.
  • check this site as it will give you information on which terminal to go to or on the details of your flight.

Day 1:

  • AirPhil Express flight to Busuanga, Terminal 3
    • checked in at 9AM for our 11:20 AM flight
    • ate breakfast at Rajah Maynila (less Php 300 for us three)
    • flight got delayed for two hours
    • left Manila around 2:00 PM
  • Arrived at Busuanga domestic airport around 3 in the afternoon.
    • fill-up info sheet form upon arrival.  An airport clerk will hand it out upon entering the airport's arrival area.  It'll just take you a minute to fill it up.
    • don't try using their restroom as it doesn't have enough supply of water and it stinks.
    • approach the resort's kiosk where you are booked and the staff will usher you to the respective van that will bring you to the port or to your hotel.
    • the chauffeur/driver holds a signboard with your name in it.  
    • airport to Harbour Center will take about 20-30-minute ride.
  • Dropped off Harbour Center's port and was welcomed by J2 Travel & Tours' Cherry.
    • orientation on the trip
      • boat ride from port to Dive Link or vice versa is free until 7PM only.  Beyond the said time, you'll be paying Php 100 per head.
      • pick-up time for Coron Island tour is between 8:00-8:30AM.
      • for Coron town tour, coordinate with Cherry (or who handles your packaged tour) and she'll be asking for available tricycle and guide around town to come with you.  It'll cost Php 350 per tricycle.  Three to four persons can ride the trike.
      • additional Php 150 per head for Maquinit Hot Springs entrance fee.
  • 10-20-minute ride from port to Dive Link Resort
    • briefing on the resort
      • buffet breakfast opens at 7:30 AM.
      • all other expenses (food, drinks, spa, boat fee) will be paid upon checking out.
      • bar opens at 6:00 PM.  It's free videoke, so it's first-come-first-served basis.
        • you can reserve the place if you want.
      • other activities:
        • pool use is until 10PM only
        • free use of kayak -- please wear vests
        • swim at your own risk as there are sea urchins and jellyfish around
        • trek to the summit.
        • basketball court
      • drop in your room key whenever you leave the resort
      • you can borrow towels from the receiving area if you're about to go to your Coron tour.
      • boat ride is free of charge until 7PM.  Beyond the said time, Php100 is charged per head.  You'll be paying it upon checking out, so please be honest.
      • electricity runs from 5PM to 9AM only.
  • Early dinner (5PM) at Dive Link's restaurant.  Great food!
  • Went to the bar after purchasing stuff from Coron town's market.

  • Trek the summit before dawn.  5:30AM.
    • wear proper footwear for trekking as the slopes are very steep.
    • bring flashlight, whistle, and your camera.
  • If you're afraid of trekking to the summit, walk down to the resort's dock and embrace dawn from there.
  • Buffet breakfast at 7:30AM.
  • Take a quick shower, bring necessary items for Coron Island tour:
    • goggles or snorkeling gear
    • plastic bags, preferably those large trash bags where you can put your bags in it to avoid getting wet, at the same time protect your gadgets.  also for your trash.
    • wear flip-flops or most preferably aqua shoes.
    • shades
    • sunblock with a strong SPF, or tanning lotion if you want to
    • insect repellent lotion
    • towel
    • water and some snacks
    • underwater camera is a MUST!  digital cameras are fine too.
    • wet wipes
  • Destinations:
    • Twin Peaks - 30 min to an hour of snorkeling
    • Twin Lagoon - 30 min to an hour of swimming
    • Smith Beach - an hour lunch
    • CYC Beach - to burn off the calories, around 30 to an hour of swimming
    • Kayangan Lake - 10-15 min trek, then an hour of swimming.
  • Have more time for Coron town tour?
    • coordinate with Divine or your lead tour guide and mention you want a town tour
      • Php 350 per tricycle that would fit three to four people only
        • first stop, Mt. Tapyas
        • second stop, Maquinit Hot Springs (Php 150 entrance fee per head)
        • third stop, Coron Souvenir and Gift Shop
        • fourth stop, if you feel like having dinner in any of the restaurants around town
      • But in our case, we rented the tricycle and had Kuya Jun as our guide
        • took a quick look at Maquinit Hot Springs without paying since we're just going take photos
        • bought few stuff from Coron Souvenir and Gift Shop
        • dinner at Lolo Nonoy's.
      • Had our ride back to Dive Link past 7 in the evening.

  • Buffet breakfast at 7.
  • Kayak
  • Bathe, pack-up
  • Check-out around 9AM.
  • Walked from the port towards Centro Coron where we dropped off mom.
  • Walked our way towards the foot of Mt. Tapyas.  It'll take 5 minutes from Centro Coron.
  • Climbing up the summit will take you 20-30 minutes depending on your pace.
    • Bring bottled water, camera, shades and face towel
    • 700 steps ahead!  Better do stretch exercise, trust me, you need that.  You're welcome :)
  • If you ran out of water getting back from the summit, there's a sari-sari store right before Daven's Palace.  Php10 per bottle.
  • Ate lunch at Centro Coron, and it was bad.
  • Went back to the port where we were picked up.
  • Cebu Pacific flight got delayed for an hour.
  • Arrived at Manila Terminal 3 around 7PM.



Tourist Guides at J2:

  • Cherry - 0929.795.9819
  • Divine - 0929.595.2921
Tourist guide for backpacking trip next time:
  • Jun - 0929.199.2549



Dive Link Resort (10 out of 10 stars)
  • accommodating and friendly staff (even before and after the trip.  like them on Facebook!)
  • good food (reminds you of the good ol' home-cooked meals), pricing is a-okay
  • free of charge activities, which is a major plus! 
    • kayaking, videoke, boat transfers
  • nice, simple and quiet place to stay, which I love

J2 Travel and Tours (10 out of 10 stars)
  • accommodating and friendly staff
  • prepared delicious lunch during our Coron Island tour
  • very informative tour
  • props to:
    • Kuya Ricky for the great lunch
    • Ms. Divine and Ms. Cherry for coordination/guiding
    • Kuya Allan for the information about the place
    • Kuya Jun, our Coron town tour guide, for all the information we've gathered too :)

Lolo Nonoy's (8 out of 10 stars)
  • good food, yet small portions, which I find a bit pricey
  • served late even if the place isn't packed.
  • no lights on the hut where we were seated
  • great shakes
  • inattentive staff

Dads' Coronzy Coffee and Tea Shop (9 out of 10 stars)
  • good drinks
  • great place to hang out: wifi, ac
  • accommodating staff
  • price range the same with coffee shops in the metro

Centro Coron's (7 out of 10 stars)
  • attentive staff
  • salty stir fried vegetables
  • no 'wow' factor on the dishes we had
  • pricey

AirPhil Express (7 out of 10 stars)
  • two hours delayed flight
  • rough landing

Cebu Pacific (8 out of 10 stars)
  • an hour delayed flight
  • smooth landing
  • comfortable seats
  • interior looks way better


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