Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ipanema Urban Jungle Runway Show

You may have noticed that I have a lot of things on my hands lately.  And just this late March, I've added a new skill on my roster as an assistant on set design, thanks to my big brother who co-owns AdFix Pro.  I was able to experience how they work and it was fun.  But they only tap me if they need extra hands on photoshoots.

Just this first week of May, Dindo, co-owner of AdFix Pro, asked me to be one of his wardrobe stylist assistants.  I was more than glad to join the bandwagon once again.  I was instantly excited about the project because they were able to do the costume design and I was tasked to scout materials and assist the models on the dress rehearsals and the event itself.  The said costumes are for Ipanema's Urban Jungle Runway Show.

Braving the streets of Divisoria alone, I was able to buy feathers and big beads for some of the costumes, though I bought the wrong tassel material.  Tsk.

Costume fitting was held at STEPS studios at Pasong Tamo Extension.  I arrived earlier than the entire team and little did I know that our models are ballet dancers!  After having them tried their costumes, we were invited to take sneak peek of their performance.

photos: apueblo

photos: apueblo

It was great!  Their movements were so fluid, you can definitely feel their passion on every move or step that they make.  Inspiring moment for me that's why I'm thinking of going back in dancing and study jazz dance.

The show was held last May 8th at Boni High Street's activity center, right in front of Krispy Kreme around 6PM but the dancer/models call time were 6AM, while the costume design team were called at 10AM.  We all expected to have a large backstage due to the number of talents, make up artists, hair stylists, manicurists, and wardrobe team.  But, no, we were put into this tiny tent, causing traffic from going in and out of the area due to the limited aisle space.  Plus, it rained, thus, it flooded.  Lol.  That was an added experience to us all.  Hair and make up started at 11AM and ended right before the show starts.  That's how long the preparation was for a 5-10 minute performance because that's how a show must be, prepared to its very detail.

This is the best fashion show I've ever been to.  Wonderful performance, great production, beautiful costumes..ugh..everything's great!

All photos are taken by me, APueblo.

photos: apueblo
costume by Dindo Pangalangan (bottom right) and Zard Eguia (not pictured)
costumes executed by Sarah Katigbak (bottom right)


Cheers! :)

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