Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Farewell, Mr. Richard Y. Tan

Tears are welling on my eyes right now, thinking of last night's visit at Boss Chard's wake, having read the articles about his untimely passing, and me looking back on my good ol' Backbeat days.


June 3, Sunday, I forced myself to get off the bed since I want to head home before lunch time even if I only had 3-hour sleep .  I grabbed my phone to check the time, but there was a text message from an unknown number asking if Richard Tan's dead.  I was shocked.  Knowing that he was rushed to the hospital five days ago, I was scared of the news.  Allan (former boss: subordinate to Richard, and bandmate: Soft Pillow Kisses) confirmed it to me when I called right after reading the text, and so I rushed to Cardinal Santos Hospital where they're at.  It was 8AM, three hours after Boss Chard had left us all.

Boss Chard lost his battle against meningitis, but the cause of his untimely passing was cardiac arrest.

photo by Nina Sandejas
Richard Y. Tan
Nov. 24, 1964 - June 3, 2012
It was just yesterday afternoon, in the middle of a meeting, when suddenly I felt so bad that I just wanted to cry.  It's just then when I realized that I'm deeply affected by Boss Chard's passing.  I wasn't able to visit Sunday night since I was tied with my family, so I was thankful that all my scheduled work for this week was moved to other dates.  I then headed straight to Sanctuarium knowing that I could stay up late.

Familiar faces were at the wake: artists/bands, colleagues and boss Richard's family.  Gladly, I have John who was more than willing to accompany me at Sanctuarium.  We went straight to Allan the moment we arrived who was then attending to some guests.  He then ushered us inside to see Richard.  I remembered Allan asking me if I was strong enough to see Richard.  I told him yes but as soon as I saw Boss Chard lying peacefully in his coffin, tears started to flow uncontrollably down my cheeks and I tried to keep my composure as I walked away.  It's pretty difficult seeing the person that you respect and look up to in that state.

As I was seated right beside Allan, I remember telling him that Richard is a well-respected man, after having read several articles and blog posts about him.  Then he asked me if I've blogged about boss Chard.  I shrugged.  I told him "hindi ko pa yata kaya" (I think I still can't do it).  But here I am, blogging about one of the greatest bosses I've ever had, Richard Y. Tan.

We were never close.  But I can definitely attest to the fact that he had helped a lot of people in one way or another.  He, along with Allan, helped me a lot too.  Aside from shoots and gigs or anything about the business, Boss Chard and I talked about food and music.  He even wanted to put up his own restaurant and even invited me over to cook for them, but, unfortunately, I wasn't able to do so since I'm only available during weekends.  He may be under the radar on concerts or gigs, but his presence was important.  He'll be missed, definitely, especially by his nephews that he loves so much.

Thank you, boss Chard, for trusting me.  That means a lot to this day.  Rock the heaven for us!  You will forever be remembered.


For those who wanted to pay respect to the late Richard Y. Tan, his wake is at Sanctuarium Q.Ave corner Araneta Ave., Hyacinth 212.  Interment will be this Sunday, June 10, 2012.

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