Friday, August 10, 2012

Aftermath of the said "Habagat"

To my fellow Filipinos, how have you been?  I do hope that you are completely safe after the floods all over Metro Manila and nearby provinces.  It was really devastating having experienced this all over again.  There was Milenyo, then Ondoy, then a monsoon rain.  Sigh.  I even had to walk through waist-deep of flood just to reach our home in Cavite, but luckily, the water didn't reach our home's doorstep.  I do hope that this kind of tragic state that our country experienced will never happen again.  And that should begin from us...

Let's be responsible on our own trash.  Dispose them properly.  Unclog sewers and canals.  Let's clean our acts.

Soup Kitchens are everywhere. Evacuation centers are in much need of cooked meals.
" Many restaurants, groups and individuals are offering their kitchen and manpower. Look for the relief kitchen nearest you and donate ingredients or cash. 

Some of the relief kitchen willing to prepare food are: Tomato Kick Nomnomnom Happy Food Roberta Seafood Cantina Booby Trap Bar & Grill PenPen Restaurant

There's also Brgy Soup Kitchen

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There are tons of drop off areas for your donations.  Companies, businesses and media are putting up posts for donations and they'll be more than glad to deliver it to those in need.

Just to add on what to donate, if possible, big tents are important too, especially for those who no longer have homes.

And after all, let's all help each other with a smile (even there are opportunists: politicians and criminals).

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