Monday, August 20, 2012

I Love Gossip

Been battling insomnia for weeks now and I thought that listening (yep, not watching) to my YouTube playlist will put me into sleep, but no, it just fired up my wits.  One of the videos/music that caught my attention (after a long time of not playing those that I compiled under this playlist) was from Gossip entitled "Standing In The Way Of Control".  Gawd.  How I miss this band.  I haven't played their music for a while.

"Standing in the way of control
Yeah live your lives
By the only way that you know, know"

Beth Ditto is hot and she rocks!  I thought of sharing this video with The Plump Pinay since I strongly believe on their advocacy that beauty is in all shapes and sizes.  I hope they, and their followers, would love Gossip's music and Beth Ditto.  She exudes confidence, beauty and talent.

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