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After a decade, I was able to revisit Corregidor through Sun Cruises tours last September 9th.  It was supposed to be an overnight stay at the island since I want to experience the walking/ghost tour this time, but Sun Cruises effed up (my apologies for the term as I can't think of anything synonymous to it) with my reservation two days before the tour.  Their reason, there's no ferry on my way back the next day.  I've had my reservation a month before and it was all settled.  If I hadn't confirmed on the scheduled tour due to the gloomy weather a couple of days prior, I wouldn't have known about the matter and would be left jaded and clueless at the island if I stayed for the night.  The Php 1,500 worth of overnight trip at the island plus the dinner at the cruise wasn't worth it at all because of their failure to remind their tourists of the situation and their incapability to strategically book a tour.  Well, they refunded the Php 500-worth of overnight stay at the island (which I got discounted from the tourism expo held at SMX).  And because I loathe their service, I don't feel like availing their dinner cruise even if it was included on the package.  That was my ordeal with Sun Cruises.  Hope you don't have to go through such.

Get your tickets/stickers at the counter on Sun Cruises at the harbor upon arrival for your seat number (ferry) and bus number (tour).  Left Manila past 7:00 AM

Good thing, Corregidor made my day.  

Formerly known as Fort Mills, the island of Corregidor served as Manila's citadel from attacks on enemy warships during World War II.  Though the island is way closer to Mariveles, Bataan, it falls under the jurisdiction of Cavite City (the town, not the entire province of Cavite.  There are still some Filipinos who connects 'city' to Cavite, like Bacoor, Cavite City, which isn't the case.  They should stop at Cavite, that's it.  Cavite City is a town where the naval station, Sangley Point, is situated).

The guided tour kicked off from the dock by riding the tram-like bus (can't call it as 'tram' since it's not on rails hehe) that will take you to different spots around the island: Battery Way, Battery Grubbs, Topside Barracks, Cine Corregidor, Pacific War Memorial, Fort Mills Post Headquarters and Chapel, The Spanish Lighthouse, Lorcha Dock, La Playa Restaurant (lunch, which was included on the day trip package I got), Pres. Manuel Quezon, Sergio Osmena Sr. and Filipino Women Memorial Park, Filipino Heroes Memorial, Japanese Garden of Peace, and Malinta Tunnel.

I'll let the tour guide tell you the stories behind the said landmarks because it'll depict the tour if I tell them here.  That's what you're paying for, anyway.  ;)

Rowena, our very entertaining and hilarious tour guide :)

Definitely wear comfortable clothes, bull caps/hats, shades, or bring an umbrella as it's very sunny on the island (well, when I was there).  There are souvenir shops on most stops where you can purchase refreshments.  But, of course, it's much cheaper if you brought your own drinks/snacks.  Shirts range from Php 250 to Php 350.  You have 10 to 15 minutes of exploring the area on every stops, or let's just say time for photo op. :p

Oh, if you're a currency collector like me, definitely bring loads of cash as some shops are selling those.  Too bad, I wasn't able to buy some for my collection.

I had my lunch at La Playa Restaurant along with fellow tourists.  It is inclusive on the tour package, by the way.  The food was just so-so.  I had consumed a lot of their mushroom soup because it's so creamy.  :)

Scroll your way down on some of the photos I took during my trip.  You'd enjoy it way better if you go for a trip on the island.  :)

Battery Way

Battery Grubbs

Topside Barracks

Cine Corregidor / Pacific War Memorial

Pacific War Memorial

Pacific War Memorial
top right: call center of WWII :p

Spanish Lighthouse

Lorcha Dock (top); La Playa Restaurant (bottom)

Filipino Heroes Memorial

Filipino Heroes Memorial

Japanese Memorial Garden

Malinta Tunnel
Last stop on our day tour at Corregidor Island

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