Friday, November 23, 2012

Look What I Got!

Here's what I bought from the recent Global Pinoy Bazaar held at Rockwell Tent last November 10th.  I was working as a stylist (aka personal shopper) for Erzullie at that time, but bazaars really can't keep me staying at one place.  So I had to browse all shops during breaks and ended up purchasing some items (hihi).  I love trinkets, canvases, anything vintage and anything made locally.  This kind of bazaar definitely gave me the highs!  :)  I, obviously, support local businesses, and you should too.  Supporting local businesses creates more jobs to our fellowmen.  :)  Oh, you can definitely see how really creative Filipinos are in these kinds of bazaars.  Get inspired.

Handbound leather journal from Alunsina, Php 550
Pencil case (well, I'll call it a bag) from FabManila, Php 150


Let me tell you something about Alunsina Handbound Books.  All of their journals and accessories are made from scratch with materials sourced locally.  Owners and creators Nadj (a colleague of mine from our previous job ages ago) and Enan wanted to revive people's interest on writing, thus, the birth of Alunsina.  It took them three years to master the Coptic binding technique where they align and stitch paper sheets using thread and needle (yes, no adhesive) so that you can flip your journals 360 degrees.  Sweet!

There are many designs to choose from, and I instantly fell in love with this one (Php 550).  It gives me the traveler feel, more like Brendan Fraser's character on "The Mummy", or Christopher Columbus.  Seriously! :)  I just have to find that pen.  Fountain pen?  Hmm.    

Alunsina is a Tumandok tribe goddess that has inspired poets and artisans alike.

Acid-free paper! :)

I love its rough edges.  Gives more authenticity to it.

Look how they beautifully and meticulously sew on the leather.

I'm a sucker when it comes to notebooks, journals, anything paper.  Obviously, I love writing (but not professionally) since I have a loud mind.  Though I'm having a hard time what to write on my latest addition to the collection.  Haha!  Recipes and travel log with a lot of doodling?  Uhuh.  This is a great buy and wonderful gift to loved ones.  Too bad they ran out of mini leather journal necklaces.  They come in different designs and colors too, only for Php 250.

Alunsina Handbound Books products are viewed here and you can order online and have it shipped to your doorstep.  Neat!  :)


FabManila's corner grabbed my attention due to their wide variation of prints on bags, pouches and whatnots.  Most of the prints they have for sleeves, pouches, etc are vintage designs, which I absolutely love!  I love anything colorful, but when purchasing something for my own use, I always pick dark, neutral colors so as to lessen the hassle of cleaning.  Call me lazy.  Hehe.

I got this pencil case (bag) for only Php 150.  Sweet!

Jen and Sheila, who are sisters and travel buddies, co-owns FabManila.  Their travels inspired them to put up this line using local materials and are made locally.

Aren't they inspiring?  Turn simple ideas into business, who knows, you might be the next millionaire.  :)

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