Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Passion Forward: Food Styling

Food styling is what I'm most passionate about.  I get to cook or bake the dish/es (if the client asked me to do so), style and shoot it for my clients, or to you who frequents this blog.  It's like putting all my interests into one.

What made me different from other food stylists in the metro?  I don't use too much ingredients (like hoarding sacks of ingredients for a couple of frames).  Food waste is a no-no for me.  So I do edible styling, which simply means, we can feast on the dish/es of the shoot.  Again, no food waste + happy tummies!  I also refrain from making the product/s too commercialized (looks fake), and I use available lighting for more personal approach towards the consumers.  It's like giving them the feel of having the dishes at the comfort of their homes.  Thus, I'm less expensive.

I don't mind working with start-up businesses, or kiosks.  Your product/s should to be the star of your business!  Rates are flexible for your kind of shoot.  I can just simply do the styling and someone you know will shoot.  Or I can prepare/cook your products and style it, or just simply stick to styling.  Your choice.  We can have a thorough discussion about the details.  All you have to do is communicate with me by sending an e-mail:  curlyscribblings[at]gmail[dot]com and we'll start from there.

P.S.  I'll be posting samples on the next few days.  It's time to hit the sack because it's two in the morning!  :)

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