Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Spinach Banapple Smoothie

I know most of you will be like, "Spinach in a smoothie?!  Blech!"  Yeah, it sounds disgusting all right (especially for the meat aficionados).  But did you know that aside from making Popeye strong, spinach is a great source of calcium, folate, vitamin A, B2, B6, C, E, and K, iron, and a whole other stuff!  So, if you're a bit behind the healthy lifestyle, this is a good start.  Start with a little amount of spinach leaves, then as you get the hang of it, after some time, add more into your smoothie.  Trust me, you'll feel full and energized, just like Popeye.  And your skin will be radiant the day after.  It worked for me.  No kidding.

For starters, here's a quick recipe.  Make adjustments according to your preference.  But the ones shown on the photos were like half of a cup of spinach leaves.  No sugar was added on this recipe since the banana will make it sweet for you.  But you can add honey if you want (or maybe condensed milk if you want to cheat hehe).


A handful spinach leaves, washed (around 1/4 cup)
Half of an apple, diced
Frozen ripe bananas (lakatan), sliced
*sliced roasted almonds
1 cup of ice (or more)
1 cup of coconut water (or almond milk, or lactose-free low-fat milk)

Okay, forgot to place ice in it on this photo.  :P

- Place tube ice in the blender, then dunk the rest of the ingredients.

- Pulse your blender until ice gets crushed.  Add more liquid if you prefer.

- Pour in a glass, then drink up! :)

Feel refreshed and enjoy!

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