Friday, August 14, 2015

I'm a Multipotentialite!

I was chatting with my bff on Viber and she introduced me with the term 'multipotentialite.'  Before I ask her what it is about, she told me that, "it's simply just like us."  So, I get it.  But, of course, I did a little research about it and I was (and even am) surprised, excited, and happy about it! We are not alone!  Hooray!

I've always questioned myself why do I have so many interests and excel on it, but easily gets bored to what I currently do when I get so used to it?  This educational and psychological term that I learned from Emilie Wapnick of is an eye-opener.

There was a moment of rage after learning about this term.  Furious because I spent almost my entire life dealing with the people around me, telling me to just focus, be in a box, have a specialization; who judged me for doing so many things in life that makes me happy -- acting, dancing, singing, photography, makeup artistry, food styling, cooking, baking, songwriting, marketing, designing, blogging, and the list goes on (see for yourself here in my blog).  They had a huge problem with it.  I don't.  It's really hard for them to understand what's going on with the wiring in my psyche.  So this term is a breath of fresh air!  Sigh.  Finally!

By the way, I find it way more cooler that it is also known as Renaissance man.  Woot!  I love learning so many things, apply them, and interchangeably connect them!

Funny, before I write this post, I checked on my Facebook, then chatted with a friend, watched more videos about multipotentialite, and read some articles/essays as well.  It really is spot on.  I can't finish one task especially when I get too excited!  Ugh.

This is so me.  It's a gift, and I'm so proud of it.  The society needs to embrace it as well and not call us weirdos or geeks in an instant (well, I don't mind them calling me that.  I find it hot and cool.  Haha!).


So, are you a multipotentialite?  If so, let's talk!  I'd love to meet as well and create a community for us here in the Philippines.

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