Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Backtrack on Food Styling

It's been a long while when I had a food styling gig.  And since there's an upcoming project that I hope will push through this time, I will be posting some photos here that has already been published to build up my portfolio and serve as inspiration to me as well.

The then AdFix Production Design, now Archetype Design Studio, has tapped me to work on a couple of their projects with Megaworld Lifestyle Magazine where I got to work as their food stylist back in 2013 and 2014.  I was too busy on the job at that time that's why I wasn't able to ask someone from the crew to take behind-the-scenes photos for legitimacy purposes since our names are not published on most projects.

You can view or download Megaworld's Lifestyle Malls Magazine Holiday 2013 here:

Aside from food styling, I helped set the props and table as well.  We were a huge team behind these shots! :)

I remember being so stressed out on this set-up because there was this lady who stepped into our shoes and manning us on where a certain dish or prop should be placed.  She's not part of the creative team.  She's one of the owners of the restaurants featured on this photo and she wants her dish to outshine the rest.  :p

This last shot from the Holiday issue was a breeze.  We set up at Mann Han in Divisoria before lunch time, and we wrapped up late evening.  But there were no issues at all.  We just waited for all dishes to come up where I made final adjustments.


I also had a blast on the Summer 2014 photoshoot. You can view or download it here by the way.  There were a number of setups done on different locations and we all enjoyed it.   I even remember putting a roll of tissue and styro underneath the meat and veggies of Kare-Kare since it was too flat on the picture.  The ladies of Megaworld dismissed the thought of tasting the dish after the shoot.  Haha!  The recurring issue we dealt with during these shoots was how to fit all the dishes/plates into the long table.  But, obviously, we were able to manage it.

For queries on my food styling services, you can shoot me an e-mail curlyscribblings[at]gmail[dot]com.  For production design, you can search for Archetype Design Studio on Facebook.  :)

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