Tuesday, November 22, 2016

My De’Longhi Christmas Wishlist

They say Christmas is for kids.  Well, for me, it's for everyone.

What I love about the holidays is, you guessed it right, food.  As most of you know, I love cooking, baking, and serving drinks to loved ones and guests.  I rarely give out material gifts.  I'd rather feed them with good food that satisfies their palates, fills their tummy, and cherish memories of it that would last forever.  And what would make it better is to have the right kitchen tools and equipment, specifically from De'Longhi. :)

What I love about De'Longhi is their classy and sleek design as well as its specific features on each products!

I could imagine myself baking some cinnamon rolls, batard, pies, and cookies for the holidays.  Ooh, and maybe roast a chicken or make a good ol' Christmas ham!  De'Longhi's SFornatutto Maxi EO 3285 would definitely help me a lot in making those into fruition because of the following features:

SFornatutto Maxi EO 3285

  • It's a 32-liter electric convection oven, which means that the heat circulates because of its fan, so more even cooking.  No need to turn your dish around!
  • It has a thermo shield.  It makes the oven more efficient because heat won't pass through the double glass door.
  • You can roast chicken (up to 4kg) using the rotisserie. 
  • It has 7 cooking functions that you could do in a conventional oven: heat convection, traditional, grill, gratin, defrost, rotisserie, keep warm.
  • Its 120 minutes timer with auto shut off and ready bell will come in handy.
  • It comes with 2 racks!  Usually, we get only one rack on other brands, right?  So this is a keeper!
  • Did I say it has an interior light?  Oh, yes!
  • You would know if your oven is ready for baking/grilling, etc. with its "oven-ready" light.
  • And it has heating coiling rod instead of the usual tubular heating coil rod in most electric ovens (you know, just two straight rods at top and bottom).  Based from my experience, the straight heating rods (I don't know what it's exactly called) usually bends and breaks over time.  And the distribution of heat is way different from the heating coil rods.

- - - - - - -

Any gatherings wouldn't be complete without grilled burgers, barbecues, ribs, steaks, vegetables, or fish.  It's great with side dishes such as mashed potato, salad, pasta, or the usual white rice since we're Filipinos!  Match it with a glass of ice cold beer (for the guys and some ladies) or soda, but freshly squeezed fruit juice would be great for me and my baby in my tummy.  So, a great addition to my wishlist is De'Longhi's Electric BBQ Grill BG 500C.

Electric BBQ Grill BG 500C

  • It has a ceramic coating and embedded heating element, which spreads out heat evenly, thus, greater grilling.
  • Unwanted fat/grease would just slide down on its sloping "V" surface.  Less guilt in eating! :p :)
  • Those grease would go straight to its fat collector at the bottom center.
  • Non-stick, so it's very easy to clean after.
  • You can easily adjust its heat through its adjustable and removable thermostat.
  • No worries on touching the handles as it is not going to be hot as you would imagine it would be.
  • It has a grilling plate and a griddle plate, so you could cook different food at the same time.
  • And it comes with a fat spray protector and spatula!

- - - - - - -

On Christmas morning, or any other mornings, we usually wanted to have a warm cup of coffee.   I prefer Sagada beans over Amadeo's or kapeng barako due to its lower acidity content and stronger taste.  Knowing that coffee is not good for pregnant women, I would still love to prepare a good cup of joe for my hubby and latte or flat white for my siblings and relatives and smell its wonderful aroma.  I just enjoy serving good food and drinks to loved ones!

And with that said, I do believe that De'Longhi's Eletta Fully Auto Coffee Machine ECAM 44.660.B is perfect for our Christmas morning (or any other mornings, of course).  It has so many functions that you can't even imagine!  I would love to cut it shorter, but the more you get to know about its features, you'll most likely fall in love with it.

Eletta Fully Auto Coffee Machine ECAM 44.660.B
  • It's a one-touch super automatic bean to cup espresso machine.  It makes milk-based espresso beverages without moving the cup!  Super convenient, right?  
  • You could just click on designated buttons if you wanted a cappuccino, caffe latte, or latte macchiato.
  • The milk menu button is for more drink option, such as espresso macchiato and flat white.
  • You can adjust the amount of milk according to your liking as well, the same thing goes with the amount of espresso.
  • It has a drip-style espresso function!
  • The milk container is removable, so if there's excess milk, you can just simply unhook it from the machine and straight to the fridge.
  • You can froth your milk while grinding your coffee beans at the same time!  Woohoo!  I can't do that on my previous espresso machine.  You don't have to wait for the coffee to grind or for the frother to reach its steaming temperature.
  • You can also adjust the coffee grinder (at the top of the machine) according to your liking (fine for espresso, coarser for drip-style coffee) just by setting the dial on its right position.  The Eletta produces a very rich crema and slower drip for drip-style coffee, compared to other super-automatic espresso machines.  
  • Coffee strength could be adjusted on the beans button (literally beans graphics on the button): extra mild, mild, standard, strong, extra-strong taste.  It determines how much coffee grounds for each cup.
  • But if you're more of a decaf person, there's a pre-ground option (also on the beans button), and add a scoop of decaf ground coffee on the bypass doser at the center top of the machine.  Just pull the cover up and dump in your decaf.
  • It has temperature option too. :D
  • You can also set a timer on warming your cups.
  • You can also set a auto-off function on your machine!  This is great especially if you're in a hurry, because we tend to forget turning off things, right?
  • You can adjust the milk and coffee spouts based on your cups height (max 5.5 inches).  Cool, right?!
  • The beans tray and grounds bin can easily be pulled out in front of the machine.
  • You can easily pull out the 2-liter water reservoir on the front, too.  It comes with a water filter for greater tasting coffee.  You'll get alerts when you need to dispel water.  Amazing.
  • Eletta will give you alerts too on when you need to fill your water tank, or if you need to empty the bin, adding beans, etc.

- - - - - - -

And last but not the least, I would love to get a hold of De'Longhi's Low-oil Fryer & Multicooker Multifry Extra FH1363.  Who doesn't want to eat a lot during the holidays but healthy at the same time?  You can bake, fry (with little oil), risotto (my fave), or stew with this pretty thing!  I'm thinking of having fries in the menu too, perfect with the burgers using the BG 500 C.  Ooooh, I'm salivating.   I love potatoes!

Low-oil Fryer & Multicooker Multifry Extra FH1363
  • It's a multicooker where you can fry fresh or frozen potatoes with little oil, bake pizza, pies or cake, cook risotto without stirring all throughout (thanks to the removable paddle), stew or cook seafood and other dishes to perfection.
  • It guarantees crispy food on the outside and juicy on the inside.
  • Non-stick, anti-scratch ceramic bowl is a plus!
  • You can easily adjust the thermostat with 4 levels of power control.
  • ON/OFF heating element function: to give the possibility to use only the upper heating element.
  • What I like about this is its transparent lid so you could monitor the cooking process.
  • It's similar to a rice cooker because the bowl itself is removable not unlike other similar equipment.  So it's more convenient to clean!

I'm too excited to have these babies in my kitchen so I could serve more good food to my growing family. :)  You can browse more on De'Longhi's products here.  You might want to reward yourself with any of their products, or nudge your hubby (or wifey) about these so they could get a hint. :p  What's your pick?

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