Sunday, January 15, 2012

Big is Beautiful!

There are people around me who kept suggesting that I should lose weight so I could go enter the modeling industry or showbiz.  The whole statement just pisses me off.  Like as if they're good looking in the first place.  Ugh.

Don't get me wrong, I just don't want to look skinny because I don't feel beautiful when I'm thin.  I'm more conscious on how I look when I was slim.  When I gained weight that's when I gained more confidence, I just don't know why. Having a man who adores my curves and not even wanting me to get skinny is indeed a blessing!  :)  He even told me that most guys he knew prefer women who are huggable than the bony ones (or maybe he's just saying it.  But, nah, I do believe him and he always tells the truth, I think, haha!).

This is not a biased statement just for me to have an excuse not to go on a diet or even exercise vigorously.  But I, well, we (bf and I) really do find voluptuous, curvy, plus-sized women more beautiful than the ordinary, typical ladies you see on the streets, magazines and on reels.
As I was browsing Vogue Italia's website and looking at Ann Ward's photos (winner of ANTM 15) a few months back, I was surprised having seen VCurvy link on the site, which, obviously, is a section for curvy women.  I can't imagine Franca Sozzani even considered having this up on their site and magazine.
photos of the women i adore
The shots were hot!  The content were fabulous!  It just gave me another reason to love myself.  So whenever I feel down, criticizing my figure, I always make it to a point to visit this site (and other curvy mags online) to be back on track.  But I just don't get it, it seems that on ANTM 16, where my favorite Kasia Pilewicz competed, Franca didn't somehow showed enthusiasm on Kasia's looks and capabilities (see left photo above, from V Magazine).  Maybe it wasn't shown on the program, but still, they should've highlighted it more.

The only struggle I have with a curvy pear-shaped figure is that I do find it difficult to look for clothes and shoes that fits right and are affordable.  Yeah, there's a long list of boutiques, branded clothes that surely has the size that I'm looking for, but they're too expensive.  If only I have the talent and skills on designing and making clothes and shoes, I would've put up my own line that caters  A (pear) and V (apple) shaped women because I don't see it in any racks that I've gone through.

It's just sad that here in Asia, curvy women are frowned upon.  We (Asians) are way ahead in technology, but on facing social issues such as this, we are way behind.  Again, if only I have the power, the connection and the money to produce a magazine or website for beautiful curvy women in Asia, or maybe only here in the Philippines, I would've done so.  Not unlike on the West, when you Google plus size magazines, there are a number of sites that caters curvy women (PLUSDaily Venus DivaSkorchJust As Beautiful and the list goes on).

When will the media and fashion industry here in Asia feature curvy women as beautiful despite our size?  I do hope that that day comes.

Earlier, I went to the parlor to get my hair fixed.  As I was browsing through Cosmo magazine July 2011 issue, I ran on this page where twin sisters Stacy and Danah were featured.  They both own the blog site that serves as an advocacy on plus size women.  They share the same sentiments of embracing ourselves no matter what shape or size we have and change the perspective of what is the real beauty.  Being real and confident is beautiful.  You should go visit their blog.

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