Sunday, January 15, 2012


A friend of mine shared this video to me last year, and I was completely hooked.  I love their music so much, I instantly turned to be one of their biggest fans.  Whenever I get to like or love something, I can't keep my mouth shut and kept talking about it whenever I get the chance, that's why I'm blogging it now!  I, seriously, should work in advertising or marketing companies because I can effectively pursuade people to check out stuff.  Ha! 
The geniuses behind Pomplamoose are Nataly Dawn and Jack Conte.  They are a real-life couple too, just so you know, which I think is cute. They came up with their band name through a wordplay of grapefruit's French term pamplemousse.  Band name is very important as it describes the type of music the artists makes.  And they have a nice name for their type of music..I so love it.  Very catchy, worth remembering.  :)

Pomplamoose's music is dainty, simple yet catchy, and nostalgic in a sense that it kind of gives me this feeling of living in the '50s even if I was born in the mid-'80s that, at the same time, gives a modern feel to it.  I was completely drawn on Nataly's voice.  It's so suave and pleasant.  Oh, and she plays guitar and bass too!  Jack's musical chops definitely puts an edge to their music.  He's so skilled and talented that's why I envy him for playing almost all instruments that I know of!  Crazy!  Crazy good!  His edginess puts the groove onto their music.  The lyrics were well written--witty yet deep.  Very realistic approach on the lyrics that anyone could easily relate to.  And their videosong?  Gawd, those are awesome!  I don't know if Jack created 'videosong' where what you see is what you hear.  Genius.  Hands down.
What I like most on this indie band is their humility.  Imagine having 303,161 YouTube subscribers, 87,256 likes on Facebook and 30,459 followers on Twitter, they still manage to keep grounded. 
Early this year, Nataly and Jack created an online show where they get to play acoustic versions of their songs live and answered questions from thousands of fans that gathered on their site.  They even had polls so that the fans get to have a say on what song should they be playing at the end of each show, and even had small contests like having a fan call their mobile phone (where Jack gave out his number or whoever owns that phone) to personally ask a question.  Surprisingly, they have haters!  Pomplamoose is way too adorable to hate.  Geesh.  I guess those haters are bored and annoying people is their way of fun.  Anyway, their show was like a stand-up comedy and live music rolled into one--more like of a late night show kind of thing.  It was fun but they had to put an end to it so that they could focus more on recording their upcoming album.
This is one of the artists that I really listen and look up to.  Go spread their music.  <3

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