Sunday, January 15, 2012


Okay, I'm trying to come up with a title about this post that has something to do with blog addiction.  The title sounds cheesy, but it's straight to the point.  Haha.

Anyway, it's been a while since I last updated this blog.  It was just yesterday when I had my recent post about my plans these coming months.  Then it was just yesterday, too, that I came back to my old *new* self--blog surfing.  New because I really wasn't into blogs or blogging way back, but I just had the right time for this stuff lately here at work.  Yes, I do my blogging at work.  It just shows how bored I am.  :p

Recently I was diagnosed with panic attack.  There are certain situations and issues that triggers my so-called attacks.  It affected my health due to the stress that I don't release to which I have a hard time sleeping for a couple of days last week.  Take for example the recent typhoon Pedring that hit us, after lying my back on my bed, I suddenly felt numbness on certain parts of my body, experience jolting whenever I catch a second of sleep, palpitation, cold sweats even if it's chilly in my room, and had difficulty in breathing.  Dealing with psychological issues are not an easy task.  It is yourself who should find ways to make a change.  As my doctor advised, I should make different choices this time to overcome trauma (eg. Milenyo and Ondoy flood, etc.) or to lessen the attacks.

Before I was more of an introvert.  I developed myself to speak out.  But being introvert is always in me and that's what surfaced more these days.  That's why I had panic attacks that I'm not aware of before because I rarely share my deepest thoughts.  And I think I'm still on the healing process of mourning, grief, after losing dad last year.  I haven't shared much of my pain to the people around me because I don't want them to absorb all my negativity.

Since no one could help me heal, I stood up and tried ways to work on my issues.  I divert myself to writing.  I'm not a good writer because I'm not a writer (just so you know before you make judgments on the way I write hehe.. grammatical errors here and there).  I only write what I want to share that I think people could learn from or relate to, so that's why I put up this blog.  I had composed songs too, but of course only the closest people will get the chance to hear it.  I also recently had a journal where Iwrite down all the negative thoughts in my head just to release it all.  Coloring books are such a big help to me too.  It's therapeutic, same thing as to make-up (that's why I love those makeup blogs!).  All of these subjects brought me to the blogosphere.  Experiences, reviews, anything that you can think of are found on any blogs.  It's more of like Google but in a more personal state.

People  from blogs and their experiences helped me in many ways.  They're therapeutic and inspiring!
So if you're fairly new to the blogosphere, you should try checking out the sites on my blogroll found on the lower right pane of this page.  But I would definitely recommend these sites:

Or maybe you might want to try putting up a blog yourself.  It's nice to share something to someone, don't you think? :)

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