Sunday, January 15, 2012

Besides cooking, I also do make-up

To overcome my stress or my panic attacks, I usually dive into coloring books, doodling, or sketching (but will try painting soon).  But I recently found a new diversion: make-up artistry.

I really love colors.  That's why I find make-up to be therapeutic too.  Since I'm no longer involved in theater, I have no reason to wear loud, character make-up.  I don't have the urge to study it professionally (though I'm planning to take FX prosthesis instead since it's more challenging), but I'd want this to be sort of my sideline.  When I was in LA for this crash course on film, we were introduced to FX prosthesis which I love to this day.  That's why LOTR's make-up and prosthesis keeps me amazed.  It gave more justice that Middle Earth truly exists.  :p  Will definitely take this course seriously when I have the money and the time... sigh...

Why now?  Well, I'm a late bloomer.  I never appreciated make-up when I was in college.  But it suddenly grew on me over the years when I realized how it enhances one's beauty or make a person transform to a different character.

So for now, I have my friends as my canvasses to my make-up experiments.  Since there are so many blogs about make-up that endorses a wide range of expensive make-up items that they personally use or were sent to them for review, I'm looking for the cheapest to the way-affordable items that fits the budget of an every day Filipina.  After all, we are not blessed with competitive salaries or rich families.

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