Sunday, January 15, 2012

Peanut Butter-Banana Sandwich without Banana

Yes, you read it right, peanut butter-banana sandwich without banana.  How ironic?
As I've had heavy breakfast one morning and my friends at work and I are having lunch around 10 or 11AM, I've decided to just have a simple sandwich.  I so love peanut butter, so I went to The Sandwich Guy in One World building to have one.  Their sandwiches are a bit pricey, knowing that you could buy a loaf of wheat bread with Php 55, but on TSG, you can only purchase their peanut butter banana sandwich or their grilled cheese sandwich.  Yes, I know, I should've gone to the grocery and bought those stuff so I would keep my mouth shut today.  But, hey, I have no clue what to have for lunch because I don't usually plan what to eat.  I tend to have a variety of cravings every hour.
photo by apueblo
So, anyway, upon ordering their peanut butter-banana wich, the clerk informed me that they don't have banana in stock.  So I asked her will I get a discount from that?  She said no, they could only add more peanut butter in it.  Bummer.  Instead of ruining my day and instantly transform to Hulk mode, I silently paid for the sandwich and went back to our office and eat it religiously, thinking it has banana.
Why posting this incident?  Well, I find it unfair paying the same amount for not having banana on my sandwich.  Yeah, it's very stupid of me to complain for this little issue, but my point is, their staff could've asked/informed their manager or their commissary that they'll buy banana from 7-11 using money from their own pocket and have it reimbursed later or maybe think of some ways other than that just to be able to cater their customers.  I think we're both stupid.  Haha.  Gawd.  I just don't want unfair treatment.  That's all.

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