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Ramen Bar

July 21.
While I'm at work, my boyfriend called me around 10AM and asked me out to lunch.  Yes, it's my lunch time since I work 6am to 3pm.  We rarely have lunch together due to our tight schedule and that it will take him 30 minutes or less to go here in our office by cab since he's working at Ayala, Makati.  But today is an exception.  He's on leave and we're going to celebrate our seventh year together.  We have a planned date tonight, but this (him dropping by at lunch time) was a surprise.  But I'm stuck at work (even if I have nothing to do today..bummer), so I can only spend an hour and a half with him.
As we're strolling along Piazza, we thought of trying either Little Asia or Ramen Bar.  Little Asia was still closed at 10AM, so we opted to go try Ramen Bar instead.  The set menu is simple and there are only a number of dishes to choose from, which I think is way better than having too many choices that will leave you dubious picking the same entree you've had from other restaurants.  Or, most often than not, it sets your expectations higher if you went out of your comfort zone and sampling a new dish that will later disappoint you.  :p
photo by thestraydrifter
photo by thestraydrifter
I ordered Chicken Namban Rice Bowl (Php 185) while bf got R.B.S. #1 or Ramen Bar Special #1 (Php 380) and gyoza (which is not included on the menu.  Must be a new addition to RB).
It took about 5-7 minutes when our orders were served, which is a normal waiting time in case you didn't know.
R.B.S. #1 surely surprised us both.  With the big bowl of noodle soup in front of us, we didn't expect that it can be shared by two to three people.  We should've asked it earlier so that I should've not ordered the rice bowl dish.  Tsk.  Anyway, the soup surely is a winner!  I'm a very picky eater when eating out because I value the money spent on each meal.  So this is soo good that you should try it!  It's close to authentic.  They never used broth cube or powder that we normally have tasted on food chains and restaurants.  So that's a major plus!
(R.B.S. # 1) photo by thestraydrifter
The pork, ugh, it's so soft that it kind of like melts in your mouth!  And they put a generous amount of pork cutlets (but they're somewhat thick so it's much better), by the way.  So, definitely, I'm going to give 10 stars for this. 
Gyoza isn't what I expected.  It's much better!  I do think the meat doesn't have flour mixed in it which is waaaaaay good because most gyoza or meatballs turned into fried dumplings are mixed with flour, right?  So this is good.  I won't say it's the best since I'm not really a fan of gyozas, but definitely a try.  One gyoza is enough because (I think) it's around 2-3 inches in length and it's stuffed so it's kind of big and heavy.
(Gyoza) photo by thestraydrifter
The Chicken Namban Rice Bowl simply is a boneless deep fried coated chicken with tartar sauce.  It's good but I don't like the sauce.  The mayo overpowers the rest of the sauce ingredients.  I can't even figure out what the green chopped leaves are.  I could only taste mayo, a hint of wasabi and toasted sesame seeds.  Out of 10 stars, I would only give this a five.
photo by thestraydrifter
As for the dessert, which is the first thing I always look forward to before ordering a meal, we're about to try their tempura ice cream but it wasn't available.  So we had our dessert at YoSwirls instead, since it's Thursday and it's 50% off (Here in YoSwirls McKinley Hill, Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are 50% off).
So if you're going to try out Ramen Bar, basing from its name, go for the ramen.

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