Sunday, January 15, 2012

Toast Box

Months ago, bf and I passed by Toast Box in Greenbelt 5.  The place caught my eye because it look so dainty and simple, which I'm a big fan of by the way.  The dim lights gave a warm and cozy ambiance of the place.  With its huge glass windows, we were able to peek on its menu board right outside the store.  We find their toasts pricey and way out of our budget at that time so we promised to go back one day to try some on their menu.
Weeks had passed.  Whenever the clock strikes 3:00PM, my tummy controls my afternoon agendas.  I usually visit bf at work and we go out for a quick snack.  But this time, he was too busy, so I've decided to go walk around Ayala malls and decide where to grab a bite then I thought of Toast Box, so, obviously, I went there.
I really don't know what to get.  Their menu board got me confused.  There's no price list for a la carte toasts, so I didn't know that it's possible to order it other than the boxed sets.  As this was my first time, I asked for their best seller on their toasts and drinks.  The clerk recommended their floss toast.  And for the drink, I ordered their Iced Horlicks (and didn't even understood what it was then).
fell in love with this drink at first sip
After having my first sip of iced Horlicks, I heard angels singing.  Nah.. that's too exaggerated.  It just blew my mind off.  Haha! Its taste reminds me of oatmeal or Cerelac which I absolutely love, and the vanilla, oooooh, it's so lovely.  Horlicks is so creamy that I can't get enough of it.  I almost drank half of my drink but I tried so hard not to finish it without my toast being served.  A must-try!
so simple, yet to die for!
Then came my toast.  My first reaction upon seeing it was, "is this it?"  But I had the wrong impression after taking a bite.  The toast just literally melted in my mouth after having a crunchy bite.  It is crunchy on the outside and soft in the inside.   The floss is what you typically find on Aji Ichiban.  It never occurred to me until now that drizzling condensed milk over the floss will give a new twist to its taste.  Its bread is 2.5-inch thick, so this big toothpick (I'm not really sure what it's called) surely helped me eat my toast.  Better try this toast and drink as it compliments each other.
For a Php 155 total of snack (Horlicks Php 95; Floss Toast Php 60) is not bad compared to a single drink at Starbucks, Coffee Bean or at any coffee shops out there.  At least here, you'd get to have something to eat and drink at the same time.  Well, ooooooookaaay, it's pricey for a snack after realizing that the ingredients are affordable.  Geesh.  :P  But, hey, it's good and worth it :)
Because my experience at Toast Box was wonderful, I intentionally made bf envious.  So weeks after, we headed to the same branch in Greenbelt 5 on our almost-daily merienda date.  Bf ordered Milo Dinosaur, Nonya Laksa, Peanut Butter toast, Kaya toast and Horlicks.
Milo Dinosaur and HorlicksMilo Dinosaur
Milo Dinosaur is your typical Milo drink that is topped with half a cup of Milo powder.  Bf loved this because it brought him back to memory lane.  He used to eat powder milk and malt/cocoa, so this brightened his stressful day.
Nonya Laksa
I'm not allowed to eat spicy food, but I have to taste their Nonya Laksa.  It's creamy and spicy.  There's curry in it but it doesn't overpower the creaminess of the soup, which is a plus.  I won't say I'm crazy over this dish since I'm avoiding spicy food, so I'd say it's a good noodle soup.
Photo by CurlyScribblerPeanut Butter Toast
Their peanut butter toast is soooo creamy, chunky and sooooooo gooood.  Need I say more with the photo above?
Kaya Toast
Their Kaya toast tricked us both.  We thought that it's ham and cheese toast.  Man we were fooled!  Haha!  But it wasn't their fault because we didn't asked what's in it.  Kaya toast is basically coconut jam and butter.  Yep, that thick yellow thing in the middle looks like cheese, but nooooooooo, it's butter, but it's gooooooooooood.  Seriously, it's good.  But I'd still go for the peanut butter and floss toasts.
Will definitely go back here to have Horlicks drink and toasts.  Hmm.. Do you know where can I purchase Horlicks powder around Metro Manila?  Comment back.  :)

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