Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Learning Stage

Entrepreneurship is fairly new to me.  I don't have too much of an idea on how to put up a business.  That's why I was looking for a business partner so that we could learn the art of entrepreneurship at the same time.  You know, it's more fun learning with a friend, right?  So that's the reason I began studying this field a year ago by reading books.  I know I should have gone to a graduate school and get MBA, but that's not feasible right now.

Last year, I bought this book "Start and Run a Restaurant" by Carol Godsmark.  It's very expensive, about a thousand pesos.  Geesh.  Well, that's a start, I thought then.  But, pfft, it's in UK setting so it's kind of not helpful, though it gave me an idea on how things should be done.  I wasn't able to finish reading this book.  :p

Then my sister lend me her "Entrepreneurship for Dummies."  Again, it's not in the Philippine setting.  Though it's a good book too, but I find it too boring to read.  Wasn't able to finish reading this book as well.  Two down.

Then just this Sunday, as I was waiting for my prospective business partner, I went inside this bookstore and my feet led me to the business section and unconsciously grabbed Go Negosyo's "21 Steps on How to Start Your Own Business".  I bought it for Php 250, but on their website it's being sold for only Php 198.  Oh well.  At first, I was a bit hesitant on whether to buy this book or not.  But then again, I thought, it's now written in a Philippine setting and its description is pretty promising.  After reading a couple of pages after purchasing, I thought I should have read this book before diving into the world of business.

As I was flipping through the pages, I'm rest assured I'm on the right path.  A very motivating read to us newbies in the entrepreneurial world.  Here are some statements that really gave me this positive drive after weeks of depression:
Dream, believe, achieve!
Your decisions, not your conditions, determine your destiny!
Stages of change (and I'm on the acceptance part now, which is oh so good)
Dream big, start small (which by the way, I can really relate to)
On why most Filipinos are employees, because Filipinos have been programmed to be employees! (the book has overwhelming examples that I just now realized after reading) 
Fear of Failure
All those stated above were the first few parts of the book and I'll spend time reading the rest in between baking queued orders for this week.  This book is worth it.

Oh, did I mention that Enterpreneur magazine is worth buying too?  Yeah.  Very helpful, specially this month's issue on business starter guide.  Their website is very informative as well!

Then a friend of mine who happens to own a business, helps me out on looking for seminars and other reading materials found on the web.  I need time to read through all those.  Apparently, I signed up on this baking and bread making seminar that she recommended (that she saw online) conducted by Golden Treasure Skills & Development Program  at SMX that was held last January 29.  The experience wasn't good.  It's more on panaderya baking and the recipes did not level up to my taste.  It was awful.  I was there just to learn do the costing, and I spent Php 1,900 on that so-called seminar.  Geesh.  But at least I get to have a certificate (but I don't know what's it for).

She also told me about DTI's free briefing sessions on some topics like business licensing, how to register in BIR and the likes.  I went to two sessions yesterday, February 7th, and the sessions were almost canceled because I was the only one who showed up around 1:30 PM.  As the facilitator from DTI was very accommodating and asked if I could stay at least 15 more minutes just to be sure that there were more participants who'll come in late, I patiently waited and read through some pages of my new favorite book by Go Negosyo.  Gladly, there were five people who showed up and the session started right after.

The speakers were very helpful and we all really got some good pointers and information about processing licenses and other requirements.  Odd questions and clarifications were answered.  I'm very impressed with these sessions, that's why I'm coming back for other topics that would benefit my business.

You can find the updated schedule and topics here.

We also got certificates from these sessions, handouts (which, unfortunately, were given right after the last sessions instead of in the beginning), and a book guide on putting up a business.  Plus, you'd get to meet fellow entrepreneurs who you could create network with.  I met these two young ladies who are going to put up a wedding planning business and they were interested to try my baked goods for future reference.  Good avenue for networking, too, huh? :)

It's technically free, but come to think of it, we paid for it (aka. tax).  So go and spread the word.  I'm assuring you, it's worth it.

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