Wednesday, February 8, 2012

And so, I'm back!

Music has always been my remedy, whether I'm sad, depressed, or when in a bad mood.  Since I'm now free from all the hassles in life (aka 8-hour desk job), I went back to my old self--surrounding myself with art as it defines me.  I recently went back on doodling, then tried sketching, now painting, which later led me to make-up; then went to auditions to try acting once more; focused on my culinary and baking skills, and fortunately, I was destined to be back in my loved band Soft Pillow Kisses.

Funny thing is, whenever people find out that I'm in a band, they connect it to being in a "rock" band, you know, all the attitude, beats, and all that.  Nothing against with rock bands (I'm a big rock music enthusiast, mind you), but they should bear in mind that being in a band doesn't equate to being a rockstar.  It's totally different.  We're totally different.

Soft Pillow Kisses is an indie pop-shoegaze band.  Never heard of it, I assume.  Honestly, I have no idea about the said genre prior to joining the band.  I was just tapped by my former boss (now bandmate) to try it out, and I instantly fell in love.  The lyrics, the music were so divine and so beautifully made.

We recently played at Sazi's to jumpstart Buzz Night on 2012, and at '70s Bistro along with Sandwich, Kamikazee, Franco, Alex in Wonderland, and Talata.  Hoping for more gigs to come.

Below are some videos taken years ago..

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