Friday, August 24, 2012

This Week's Playlist

Just thought of sharing you guys my recent playlist for a week now.  Love these artists.  Their music is so real and pure which what it should be all about.

Emiliana Torrini tops my playlist and the song above is entitled "Gun" (one of my favorite songs that I can dance to).  There's no official video up to date, so I embedded the best one I saw online.  She's from Iceland but now based in London.  Her voice captivated me as well as her musical style.  It's like she's bringing you closer to nature at the same time drawing you near her thoughts.  I somewhat see Bjork in her.  (BTW, it's not her on the video).

I've been playing and singing this song on my guitar especially when I'm feeling down.  As I interpreted this song, I'm asking for His guidance and for strength to pass through this phase.  Lissie's voice is so strong that you can definitely feel right through you every single word that she sings.  Her country/folk/rock genre really gives me that euphoric glow.

This Norwegian singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist definitely brings sexy back.  Bernhoft (Jarle Bernhoft)  caught my attention because of his mad music skills!  One-man band?  Yeah!  He's one of the greatest musicians (multi-instrumentalists) today.  He sounds so perfect!

And finally, Lenny Kravitz sums up my list today.  "I'll Be Waiting" is one of my favorite songs aside from "Are You Gonna Go My Way?" "American Woman,"Fly Away," "Again" among others.  Need to say more about this guy?  He's one of the hottest and talented musicians around! :)

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