Monday, September 10, 2012

Sweet Escape at Casa San Pablo

Back in August 27th-29th, my set design team and I were able to spend three days and two nights at Casa San Pablo in (of course) San Pablo, Laguna.  We were assigned to work on this project for Casa's brochure and promotional video that showcases the place for wedding events.  Its theme is country and vintage, and our job is to accentuate the shots/scenes/location.  The shoot was moved consecutively last July due to the bad weather, and finally, we were able to push through.  But on our second day at Casa, rain poured and so there were several frames (set-ups) that were omitted from the story/creative boards.  My team were awfully excited on setting up floating candles on the pool then.  Oh, mother nature.. 

top left: Ms. An (owner);  top right: Shiela (marketing head), Sir Boots (owner), me, Angel (set design assistant);
lower left: my team (Mithi, Inna, Angel) with Ms. An;  lower right:  Mak-Mak (our setman) 

I sent my entire team back to Manila and I stayed till 8PM so I could set up another look for the gazebo and tables on the lower pavilion.  Sheila (marketing head), sir Boots and Ms. An (owners) insisted that I should stay for another night but I had this urge going back home.  I just don't know why.  Instead of taking the bus back to the metro, Sir Boots offered by dropping me off at Ayala since he needs to go back home too so he could look out on his children.


Since my stay at Casa was fruitful, I encouraged my friends to visit the place especially if they wanted an escape from the hustle and bustle of the metro.  I even wanted to stay here forever because it's so peaceful and it's a great place to do some art and reflection.  They also serve great food!  I ABSOLUTELY MEAN IT!  I definitely gained weight after staying here for a number of days.  Oh, their hot chocolate really is lovely.

And so, on the first weekend of September, after attending a mass, my bff asked me to take her to Casa San Pablo since she find the place interesting and pretty based on my stories and the pictures that I took.  I instantly sent Sir Boots a SMS asking if we could spend the night there.  He quickly said yes, even knowing that it's impossible for our 'wish' to be granted since you have to make reservations at least three days before you arrive at Casa.  Add to our day's blessing was our stay was complimentary because of the great job that my team (AdFix) did and the additional day that I rendered.  I can't thank him and Ms. An enough because it's such a huge deal for me.  I never had an overnight stay at some place for free before, and with this kind of place?!  Come on!  :)  I'll be bringing and encouraging more friends and relatives to have a sweet escape at Casa San Pablo as my way of gratitude towards them.  :)

We drove from Greenhills to San Pablo by taking SLEX to Sto.Tomas Exit, turned right then straight.  There are a couple of fork roads.  Always take the left side.  Closest landmark to Casa San Pablo is SM San Pablo (5 minutes away from Casa) and Pure Gold (which is just right after Casa).  If you're commuting, take Lucena bus, then drop off at SM San Pablo.  Take a "San Pablo" jeep then drop off at Casa San Pablo just before reaching Pure Gold (both at right side).  For more detailed info on how to get to Casa San Pablo, click here.

One of the beautiful houses inside the compound.  Off limits to guests.

Dining area

Adfix (our team) headquarters.  Room where my team and I stayed during our set design stint for Casa San Pablo.

Top left:  Casa San Pablo's facade;  Top right:  inspiring steps;
lower left:  one of the room's facade;  lower right:  dining area's facade

one of the lovely trees around.  i love trees! :)

my room with betch (my best friend.. haha) :)

our room's facade

our breakfast :D

Besides their great food and accommodation, they happen to have great service too from their in-house staff!  :)  Justie is one of my favorites because of his cute, sincere smile and he's a very polite young man.

my ever favorite server, Justie!  <3 td="td">

betch, me and Justie :D

Casa San Pablo also caters team building activities.  For more info, visit their website

set design by AdFix Production

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