Thursday, November 8, 2012

Experience Bali in Balete, Batangas

After the amazing volcano crater and Taal Lake tour via Balete, Batangas, we were then invited to visit Cintai by Corito's Garden to experience Bali in Balete.  It will only take you 10-15-minute ride from Punto Miguel.

There's a big colorful sculpted wall of Corito's Garden on your right if you're coming from Punto Miguel.  The facade gave me the impression that there's more to see inside the compound.

As we drove uphill, two big sculptures welcomes you.

..and this is just one of those two huge sculptures erected on the roundabout.

The roundabout pretty much gave me the illusion that I'm no longer in Batangas.  Roundabout pa lang yun, ha!  They definitely did a great job on working on the garden, placing the right sculptures and details around giving the Bali vibe.

Being a very detail-oriented person (and working for production/set design with my big bro and his team), I appreciate this kind of place that really defines who they are and what they want to bring to their clients--and they definitely brought Bali, Indonesia here in Balete, Batangas.

According to their brochure and website, Cintai (chin-tai) is the Indonesian word for love.  Similar to sinta, no?  Having the same stories from casas or breakfast inns, Cintai started out as a family rest house.  They later developed and opened Cintai to the public to share their love for their mother.

top left:  Centerpiece of the roundabout.  I see two extraterrestrials befriending a human being.
top right:  Reception area.
bottom left:  One of the benches located near the reception where I placed Cintai's brochure on top.
bottom right:  One of the passages around.

There's a day tour rate at Cintai, though for us, we were given free access since we won't be staying long and it's getting late anyway.  We just wanted to see what's around.  Yey for us! :)  Thanks, Mayor Joven, again and again, for the opportunity.

top left:  Restroom, yes, you read it right.
top right:  Playground for the little ones
bottom left and right:  Main pool

You'll definitely get lost around Cintai since there are so many pathways that will lead you to different places.  Definitely ask for a map at the reception.

Cintai is a great place for events: weddings, reunions, conferences, honeymoon, and team building.  Click here for rates.  I will definitely come back here some day!  Though I have to save up for this, it's quite expensive for me.  But instead of flying all the way to Indonesia, this is way cheaper.  There's no beach side here, though.  :(

top left and right:  Garden Villa
bottom left: cute pony! :)
bottom right:  huge cage for the monkey

Their rooms are way huge, perfect for family and friends.  You can even do a cartwheel inside the room or even at the bathroom!  Seriously!

There are animals everywhere.  It's a great sanctuary for different animals.  The pony is so adorable, I want to take him home.  My very first encounter with a pony!  :)  I saw a peacock too, up-close.  :D

top left: One of the paths at Cintai.
top right:  Entrance to Pavilion Tresna
lower left:  Can you see what I see?  There's the peacock I'm talking about.
lower right:  One of the figurines near a restroom.

Do you know that the intricately carved wooden door of Pavilion Tresna is worth Php 2 million?  Yeah.  That is one helluva door!

Pavilion Tresna

top right and lower left:  Executive Villa
We weren't able to see the rest of Cintai since we were exhausted from our Taal Volcano trip and it's close to dusk.

Cintai, I'll be back!  :)

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