Thursday, November 8, 2012

Personal Shopper At Your Service

I've been wearing different hats since I-don't-know-when, and will be adding another hat on the list -- personal shopper!

Personal shopper is fairly new here in the Philippines, but it's been going on for years now.  Basically, what a personal shopper does is to give advice, suggestions and tips to customers.  It's more of like a stylist. Think of makeover TV shows.  Get the picture?

It's way different to a saleslady because they focus on sales, while I focus on styling the clients.  Personally, I loathe salesladies in department stores or boutiques because most often than not, when I ask for their opinion, of course, they will always say it looks good on you or they up-sell most of the time.  And the fact that they don't look stylish (insert uniform), kind of give me doubts on their advice. :p  

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Thankfully, Erzullie Fierce Plus-Size Fashion were looking for personal shoppers for their bazaars and I'm glad to be chosen to be part of the team.  Meeting Berna and Aries personally was a treasure because they really are the kind of people that I like--confident, empowering, fierce, and positive.  They know what they want and they act on it.  Very inspiring!  And the fact that having someone say to you that they like you for who you are and what you do, even having a long list of skills and experiences on my CV doesn't bother them is such a compliment.  I haven't felt that kind of encouragement from an individual who I barely know, because, you know, I still encounter people who questions you for doing so many things, and kept me thinking why does it bother them in the first place.  I don't harm them in any way, so what's the deal with that?  So, Berna and Aries (and a few other creative people who I recently met) are such a blessing.  They remind me to continue on doing my thing and live life.  Thanks for the inspiration, guys! :D


Why Erzullie?  I used to be bullied back in grade school because of my weight.  I still have the emotional scars with me and it sometimes bother me to this day.  I lost and gained weight over the years, until I accepted the fact to just love what I have.  It's my body, it's my temple.  If you can't accept my curves, then you're too shallow, dear.  

Erzullie and The Plump Pinay are some of the people I look up to (knowing they're way younger than I am, yet they are strong. Kudos, ladies!) and their advocacy is truly inspiring: Beauty is in all shapes and sizes.  You don't have to conform to what the media tells you how to look like.  Just be yourself.  Embrace yourself.  You're beautiful no matter what.  So working with these kind of women is empowering and fulfilling because in very little way as possible, I can also touch one's life and inspire them to be real just by sharing them my ideas and the oomph that they need.  :)


I'm beyond excited on taking another role.  Sharing ideas, styling, and giving confidence to others is what I usually do, and this side job is just perfect.  Can't wait to see you, ladies, this coming Saturday, November 10th, 10AM - 10 PM, at Rockwell Tent.  Just look for Erzullie's booth.  The Global Pinoy Bazaar runs only this weekend, November 10th and 11th, though I won't be there on the 11th as I have prior commitment.

Thanks, Erzullie, for featuring me and my fellow personal shopper Bea on your blog! :) <3 div="div">


  1. how do i become a personal shopper?

    1. Hi Tesle! My apologies for commenting this late.

      I do think it is best to ask someone you know who is very busy at work and no time for shopping. Offer him/her your services at a very fair rate. Or maybe tag along with a friend who's going to do shopping and volunteer as a stylist. Take pictures or videos (vlog) about the whole experience and post them online. You should have a blog to make it credible. Review products that you use or just bought or given to you as a gift and post it! It really helps build your portfolio.

      Always market yourself as a stylist/personal shopper. Do OOTDs on Instagram, your Facebook page, blog, and other social media accounts. Believe in your craft! :)