Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Late Lunch at Mad Mark's

Finally, a food review post!  It's been a while since I last went out to dine and made an honest review about it.  And because Jar, Goth and I were supposed to see a film on the night of November 30th, we thought of meeting by lunchtime so that we could catch up at one of Jar's recommended restaurants along East Capitol Drive in Pasig named Mad Mark's.  It's 2PM and Goth wouldn't make it, so Jar and I walked our way towards the restaurant.

The name got me confused.  Their logo says Mad Mark's Creamery & Good Eats, while on their Facebook page it's Mad Mark's Man Sandwich and Frozen Desserts.  Enlighten me, guys.  :)


Once you get inside this cute restaurant, you'd get to see the counter situated on your right where you place your orders before getting seated.

I ordered one of their house specialties, which was Lumberjack, and reiterated that I'm only having half of it to the attendant.  Then I noticed that the total bill amounted to Php 400 ++ (with some orders I placed) and kept telling her that I'll just get the half-order of the said sandwich.  She kept nodding and she punched my orders on the register, got my receipt and I took a seat at the far end of the restaurant.  As soon as I got seated, I scanned the receipt and there it was, the clerk made a mistake.  She punched the whole sandwich instead.  I went back and told her about it, and gladly she handed me the right change, gave me a new receipt, and went to the kitchen to let the cook know that s/he should make a half order of the lumberjack sandwich.

took this pic while waiting for our orders.

Mad Mark's is known for their homemade ice cream, and their best-seller is their Half-baked Madagascar that Jar ordered.  Thanks for the treat, man!  We both got a scoop of it, and oh boy, I thought a scoop is just a single scoop.  Look at the picture below.  For me it's three scoops!  Definitely worth Php 68.

Half-baked Madagascar, single scoop Php 68

Half-baked Madagascar is simply a cookie dough kind of ice cream.  The biscuit is the best part!  I love textures on anything I eat (like my usual oatmeal and crushed Skyflakes).  The ice cream's sweetness is just perfect, not too sweet, not too bland; and it's, oh, so creamy!

Lumberjack, half sandwich Php 190
My sandwich was served next.  Eye-candy indeed!  I'm so glad I only ordered half.  If you're not a big eater in one seating like me, this half-sandwich is good for two.  It is packed with Angus beef, mushroom au jus, bell pepper, caramelized onions, lettuce and mozzarella.  The beef is definitely tender, cooked just right, though I find it bland.  I've read blog reviews about the restaurant and some said that their sandwiches are too salty.  Maybe they've adjusted it based on the reviews, but now it became bland, just like how bland Western food are in general (if you have tried eating in a restaurant/fastfood in US, you'll get what I mean).  So I was looking for salt on the table, but I just got too lazy to ask for it on the counter.  :p  The bread is amazing!  Reminds me of the bread that my pastry chef friend makes at Saint Honore.

Herb Parmesan Fries, Php 160
 The fries came next and I loved it.  Ugh.  I'm drooling as of this moment.  Haha!  But I find it too pricey.

Overall rating:  I'll give it a 9 out of 10 forks!  :)

Service:  Good.  They served our orders less than 7 minutes, which is the standard serving time.  At least we didn't get to experience bad service based from the blogs I've read.  Plus they didn't argue with what I ordered.

Food:  Great!  I haven't tried other items, so that gives me another reason to go back to Mad Mark's aside from their lumberjack sandwich, fries and half-baked Madagascar ice cream.

Mad Mark's Man Sandwich and Frozen Desserts
23 East Capitol Drive
Barangay Kapitolyo, Pasig
(02) 342-6802

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