Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

Before scouting for gadgets and books around Glorietta (and at the same time discover what's new on Glorietta 1) yesterday, I passed by this dainty shop right in front of National Book Store.  

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery is eye-catching for women, most specifically, because of its interior and because of cupcakes.  I could say that the interior defines my style a lot because of its vintage, a bit whimsical, and sophisticated look.  

I just had my camera phone with me, so these are the best photos that I can present for now.

2F Glorietta 1 in front of National Bookstore

I ordered for the usual, red velvet, and banana cream cheese.  Mind you, readers, I make cupcakes too (but, personally, not a fan of cupcakes) for my baked goodies line, Esmis.  So part of the job is to eat out and compare so that you would be able to develop your products to make it even better.

What I noticed was that the clerks doesn't entertain customers who are lined up on the counter.  I even have to ask if it's a self-service cafe or do we have to be seated and someone will just hand out a menu just to call their attentions.  You just have to place your orders on the counter and wait for it to be served.  That simple.  The menu written on the glass/mirror doesn't include drinks so I have to ask what were they offering.  I was looking for a tea that would go well with sweets and what they only have is green tea.  The attendant wasn't actually sure if what kind of tea they have initially, wherein she needed to take a look on this laminated menu on the side of the counter (that you won't even notice that it's there).  So for customer service and product knowledge, 30 points down.

I looked for a seat and embraced the environment.  I'm a happy girl!  Lol.  Kidding aside, I took photos of the chairs that are so lovely, which are great pegs for our future set design projects at Adfix Production Design.

Then my cupcakes and tea arrived.  :)  I should have worn my vintage outfit with red lips and winged-eye make-up.  That goes well with my afternoon tea and sweets.  :p  But, nah, I was just sporting a shirt and skinny jeans.  Just had one of those lazy days.  And, yes, I dined alone.  Two cupcakes was a wrong move, you'll know why as you read along.

Who on earth eats cupcakes with fork and knife?  Duh.  You're such a...
I ate mine like a boss!

Pouring myself a cup of green tea. :)

Banana Cream Cheese

The verdict:  Cupcakes fail!

Their banana cream cheese is a bit on the sweet side.  Good thing it's moist, so it's a plus.  Though the cream cheese frosting, it's obvious that they have extenders in it.  It doesn't even taste like cream cheese at all.  Too bad I can't look for the receipt.  But as far as I can remember the price range is between Php 60 to Php 80 per cupcake, depending on its flavor.  So being pricey for this kind of cupcake disappoints me.  I never really liked food establishments who serves their (overpriced) dishes that are full of preservatives or extenders.  You're paying anyway, so why don't they serve you the best ingredients and quality, right?

Okay, it's very obvious that I'm disappointed.

But, wait, there's more.

Their red velvet fails big time!  I never even tried to take a photo of it because of disgust.  Yeah, I'm way too straightforward, but they have, well, you, reader, should know about the facts too.  So don't go for their red velvet.  Theirs was too dry.  For someone who cooks and bakes, I instantly knew that they had their red velvet cupcake over-baked.  I've read some reviews about the bakery and they have the same sentiments.  A lot of inconsistencies.  Well, okay, they're just starting, but of course first impressions lasts.  Quality control is key.  Their cream cheese frosting, of course, tastes blah.

I just had a red velvet cupcake by Sophie's Mom the other day at Super Sale Bazaar on World Trade Center Tent and that was the best I've ever had.  So it has set the bar up and I was expecting at least for Vanilla Cupcake Bakery to be as close to Sophie's Mom.   

Although I'll give this bakery another chance next time.  There are a lot of items to try out, but I'm a bit skeptical since it's, one, pricey, two, the quality sucks (like the review I've read about their panna cotta which wasn't creamy at all.  Geez.  It's panna cotta!  It should be creamy!  Okay, here I go again, the mad chef.  I'm quite OC when it comes to food).  Maybe I'll wait a couple of months before going back and let's see if there are improvements.

Overall rating:  5 out of 10 forks

On the bright side, their interior, theme and presentation killed it.  

But don't get discouraged!  Remember food reviews are subjective.  If one doesn't like the food, others do.  So, yeah, give it a try.  Let me know what you think of it.


Disclaimer:  I'm in no way related or connected with Sophie's Mom.  I seriously just had their cupcake over the weekend while I was working as a stylist at Erzullie's booth.  Being an Aries, I'm known to be straightforward and very opinionated.  If you can't take it, then just ignore me.  ;)  And, oh, I don't sugarcoat.  


I took a bite of my red velvet cupcake and had it to-go instead.  I can't eat this thing anymore.  Speaking of which, it's still at the table as of this writing.  

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