Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Divi - Avenida - Quiapo Trip

Hi y'all!

So I haven't posted for a long while now.  Having a tight schedule equates to small amount of time to contemplate on what's worth sharing with you.  So, yeah, I'm squeezing in this post because I'm just too damn excited on my recent haul and adventure.

You know, it really feels good to be back to what I used to do, exploring places alone.  I literally walked the streets of Manila and Makati when I was in college (and after), and rode jeepneys to get me to places whenever I get exhausted from walking (or if my destination is way too distant).  I also don't fear of getting lost in a place because I'm very sure that I'd find my way home.  Hello, ask around!  And add to the fact that it's hard to tag people along with me because all my relatives and friends are either lazy, maarte (finicky), or not adventurous (that they'll end up saying they're busy even though they're not) so that's why I opted to explore by myself.

Yesterday, I went to Divisoria to look for Ball mason jars as I needed those for this thing I'm doing right now, which I can't share at this time.  But, of course, before going straight to Tabora and Ylaya streets, I headed towards 168 Mall and purchased some accessories for my own use, and ate a very late lunch on one of their food courts, where I happened to see Imelda Marcos.  Yeah, I know, of all places!  Never thought that she'd ever set foot in Divisoria.

I really wanted to have a picture with her but I feel kind of iffy asking a stranger or one of her aides/bodyguards to take a photo of us.  And I look horrible too, so, yeah, I'm cool with this, snapped a photo of her from afar.


Okay, so, off to my haul.  I just wish I could pull out my camera phone and take snapshots of the streets, the vendors, etc on where I bought my stuff, but, of course, it's Divisoria.  Never take risks in such a place or I might end up running behind a snatcher. :p

I was supposed to look for those mason jars but there weren't any, so I ended up purchasing these beautiful and rare fruits and veggie:

apples, grapefruits, and kiwis

Of course apples are not rare, but these are huge Washington apples, double or triple the size that you see in groceries or local town markets.  I got them for Php 20 a piece.  Not bad.  :)

I haven't had tasted a real grapefruit before (I wonder if those grapefruit juice are, so here's my chance!  They're selling it for Php 35 a piece, but the lovely lady sold two of them for only Php 50 since I asked too many questions about it and I think she's fond of my questioning.  Hihi.  It charmed her in a way.

Haven't had kiwis too, so, yeah, bought these (minus two that I accidentally squashed in my bag) for only Php 40 instead of Php 50.  I went to the grocery earlier today and saw that three kiwis are sold for like Php 70 ++.  So mine's a winner.  And, oh, they taste great!  I just had it for dessert tonight.

strawberries, French beans, plums, lemon

The strawberries were sold Php 35 per pack. I was so surprised that they're selling French beans!  Got 1/4 kilo for Php 40.

Lemons were sold Php 10 a piece, and I think they're a bit bigger compared to those sold in groceries.

Four plums, Php 50.  I don't know if it's cheap.  Have no idea how it tastes like and I'll have some tomorrow.

I haven't explored much on ingredients because what's sold on the market is very limited and some of these fruits/veggies are rare here in Manila.  Thank gawd there's Divisoria.  I promise myself to go to Divisoria at least once a week to scout for other rare finds and make my kitchen come alive.


It's around three in the afternoon when I decided to go to Quiapo.  Of course I really don't know how to get there from where I stood at that time, so I asked around and found myself in a jeepney towards my destination.  But we had a flat tire when we reached Recto so instead of hopping on another jeep, I opted to walk, and voila, I found where Ambos Mundos is situated.  The wonders of walking, it's good for the heart and you get to see places you never expected to see.

As I followed my instinct (since I really don't know where I was then), I happened to pass by these shops that sells watches.  I made a stop on this corner shop and went inside and looked for the Casio watch I've been eyeing since-I-don't-know-when.  They no longer have that design I was looking for and found a very similar one that caught my eye.  I wasn't really planning on getting a watch, but when I asked its price, I instantly bought it.  Got it for Php 850, but the tag says Php 1,275.  They have a sale going on that I wasn't aware of.  Sweet!  It has a year warranty, not bad at all.

I thought I would pass by Baker's Fair to get me some diced hopia but I was on the other side of Quiapo near Carriedo LRT station.  So I went straight to this store where I usually buy stuff for commercial kitchen.

Wooden boards (Php 60 and Php 40).  I bought it in a moving cart in Quiapo.
Diner basket costs Php 60 a piece.  Wow.
Paper straws!  Bought them in Divisoria, at Adfell store at Tabora Street, just off of Juan Luna.

So that was my show-and-tell.  Haha!  You bored?  I'm not.  These things makes me happy.  Walang basagan ng trip.  :p  :)


  1. I'm looking for mason jars too - were you able to find it & where? :) Thanks!

    1. I saw some mason jars at True Value Glorietta. Weren't able to find those in Divisoria. :)

  2. Hi, is the casio authentic? Thanks!

    1. Hi. Sorry for the super late response to your question. Yes, it is! :)

  3. hi what store did you bought the watch?

    1. I actually forgot what shop it was.. :/

  4. you may order mason jars here >>> INSTAGRAM : @istockityoubuyit

  5. Hi! Mason jars can be found at DAPITAN ARCADE cor dapitan and kanlaon st. Sampaloc manila. Mason jars which are cheaper in price. :)