Sunday, March 3, 2013

Chihuahua Mexican Grill

Here is another Mexican food trip episode, well, post.  It all started when my colleague brought me to Olare! at The Fort and the experience was so good, I thought of trying out other Mexican restaurants around the metro, which reminds me, I have to go back to Olare! for a food review (I wasn't able to take photos that night because I can't rely on my phone).

I love Mexican food, most specially when I tasted this great wet burrito back in '07 at Downey, Los Angeles.  It's so huge I have to take half of it home for dinner.  It's filled with refried beans, melted cheese, wrapped in this soft taco, and a generous amount of cheese and enchilada sauce poured over it.  Gawd.  I was able to prep it at home, but I forgot to make the enchilada sauce, which is the most important ingredient of the dish.  Will try to do it this week.

Anyway, my friend (Bel) and I were killing time last Wednesday night, February 27th, at Greenbelt because we were waiting for our other friend, Bern.  Since we don't like leaving our home past dinner time, we met up at 5 PM and decided to try this Mexican restaurant at Greenbelt 2, Chihuahua Mexican Grill.

There are only few dishes to choose from on their menu board, which is way better.  You have to place your orders at the counter, by the way.

Chips and Queso Php 165

Warm chips and queso dip.  The salsa didn't get my attention.  I prefer the chunky salsa that is a bit sour and has more chili kick.

Carnitas Burrito (pulled pork) Php 295

Hmm, yep it tasted like the usual burrito, but tastes more authentic Mexican than Silantro's.  Good for two.  Can't even finish half of it because it's so filling.  But I still prefer Olare's and Silantro's over this.  I think it has something to do with the tenderness of the meat and its spices.

Obviously I'm not really raving about the restaurant and the food.  I'd give 7 forks overall.  But let me remind you, a food review or any other kind of critique or reviews are subjective.  So this is my opinion.  You might like this way better than any other Mexican restaurants around the metro.

Overall: 7 forks
Ambiance - 9 forks
Food - 7 forks
Price - 6 forks (because I've had a better Mexican food that is more affordable than this)
Service - 8 forks

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