Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Summer in the City

It was just late last year when my college friends and I started hanging out almost every month.  And just two weeks ago (or so, I lost count), we met up at one of the malls in Ayala and headed to SOMS Noodle House  near Rockwell for late lunch.  Supposedly, it was just Liz and I who planned to meet so that we could work together on a project, which is a new blog that focuses on beauty and fashion, but the rest of the group wanted to tag along, so we definitely had a blast.

Then after our good late lunch, we went straight to High Street for this post.  Will be linking Liz's blog once it's up.

For our first OOTD, we dolled up on our summer look in the city.

Here's Liz Andal's OOTD weeks ago :)
Photo and art direction by yours truly

turquoise tank top - Forever 21 sheer top used as coverup - thrifted black shorts - Cache Cache heels - Charles and Keith necklace - Accessorize snakeskin bag - SM accessories, WWW line

necklace - Accessorize

snakeskin bag - SM Accessories, WWW line

heels - Charles and Keith

And, oh, did you know that my dear friend is a professional makeup artist and a great singer too?  Here's a demo track of her original composition "Nasan Na".  And for the makeup, she did my makeup on this OOTD post.

Of course, I got a shot on this OOTD post too.  :p  Almost all of my stuff are bought from tiangges, sales, thriftshops, or are hand-me-downs and gifts.  I do get some items from known brands, if they are on sale.  Lol.  I'm always on a tight budget.  Priorities! :)  I'm thinking of posting some OOTDs that are practical for everyone, just like this one below.  You can still look amazing without spending too much.  It's in the art of styling.

Photo by Liz Andal
Aviator shades (polarized) [Php 600] - Dickies
tank top [Php 50] - Cimbada, Divisoria
striped skirt - gift.  I don't know what brand it is.  It has "A" inside an apostrophe.  Apostrophe?
sandals [Php 200 plus] - Solemate, SM Department Store
earrings - handmade, materials from Quiapo
bangles [Php 35 one set] - Divisoria
ring [Php 35] - Divisoria
bag [Php 550] - got it on sale at Follow Your Heart


  1. Hi,

    We are so thrilled to see your photos with a Follow Your Heart Bag. We would love to post them on our FB Page.

    Please let us know if that’s ok with you.



    1. Oh my, there's something wrong with my notifications on Gmail. Just saw your comment just now...almost a year!

      If you're still interested to post my some of my photos with FYH bag, feel free to do so.

      Thanks, FYH! I'm still an avid fan. Still using the same bag to this day. Loved it. :)

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