Friday, May 3, 2013

Short Notice Trips Are The Greatest!

It feels so great meeting new people from different countries because you'd get to have a cultural exchange and share the same interests at the same time.  Plus, they're much easier to talk with because they don't judge like my fellowmen does every time.  Seriously.  Or maybe I'm in the wrong circle?

Just like last week I was able to meet up with two Taiwanese guys (Chen and Ray) and a Vietnamese lady (Nala) at Mall Of Asia.  My best bud, Jry, actually called me up a couple of hours prior for the short-notice meet-up.   We were supposed to go to Tagaytay but I discouraged them to do so because the weather isn't looking good and it's close to dusk, so there's no sense going there since we won't be seeing the lake at night time.  So we just went to Harbor Square for dinner and went to Music Bank in Macapagal for videoke.  We actually had a blast!  Chen and Ray singing Chinese songs, most of which are so familiar because of Meteor Garden, and Nala belting out her inner diva.  It was Jry's first time singing in videoke too! lol  Mission accomplished! :)

The next day, we went to Tagaytay and got there past lunch time where we dined at Leslie's Restaurant.  It was foggy so we weren't able to see Taal Lake clearly, it was humid, and there were a lot of tourists.  But I'm glad they liked bulalo, sisig and pinakbet.  

They also were serenaded by this in-house band that goes to each table and they'll sing a song of your choice.  Funny thing about it was that the musicians/singers looked so bored but they sound good.  And we were surprised that they are up to date with the songs!  They even sang Alicia Key's "Girl On Fire."  LOL.

Next stop, Sonya's Garden, since Jry needed a serious back massage.  And, yeah, I had a foot spa bonding with the guys.  Haha!

After the quick massage, we went to People's Park but, unfortunately, it was closed by the time we arrived.  But we still get to see the rest of Cavite at the foot of People's Park.  Then we went back to Mall Of Asia where we had dinner and the best place for us to drop off.  

It was fun yet exhausting trip.  We said our goodbyes with Chen and Ray, and told Nala that she can sleepover at my home so that she could see the different side of the Philippines and not the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila.  But, of course, that will be another story to tell, and a spontaneous one as well.

That was a quick and simple trip with our fellow couchsurfers, but we enjoyed each other's company.  I learned a lot from them and I really had fun.  Hoping to see them soon.  :)


Next post, Trippin' with Nala.  That I have to write some time next week as I'm sleepy and I have so much work to do later until Sunday.  

Go and explore!  :)