Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Music + Film

Music and film are what I love the most (aside from culinary).  And because of music, I was able to meet budding filmmakers.  How rad is that?  I strongly encourage them to pursue their dreams since they're just starting.  Upon seeing some of their works, I'm astonished!  See it for yourself.  Great job, Joel and JR!

And, oh, I really love Monochrome's music.  It zones you out and brings you to your world of imagination.

Artist: Monochrome
Live performance for Buzz Night prod at Freedom Bar
Video by Joel Trinidad 

Artist: ACiDiCE
Song: Scalawag
Director/PD: Ace Castillo
DOP: JR Dalisay
CAMOP: Gian Carlo Maglasang
Post: Cheeno Orbida
PM: Katrina Saurin

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