Sunday, January 15, 2012

Empire Deli & Restaurant

Bf surprised me by dropping by our office on a weekday during lunch where we went straight to the nearby public square.  We make it to a point that if we eat out, we should try something that we don't usually have at home or at work.  And along came Empire Deli & Restaurant.

I'm a big fan of western cuisine.  Sandwiches and pastas are my comfort food, so being in this place really delights me.
Normally, we ask for the best sellers before taking risks on ordering other dish.  So for the sandwich, we had Broadway Brisket (Php 240), and Mac & Cheese (Php 185) for the pasta.  We were told that the pasta dish is good for sharing.  Oh, you can choose a type of bread on their sandwiches and I opted for a ciabatta.

It didn't take long for our orders to be served.  Ten points for that.

As soon our plates arrived, I quickly took a bite (immediately after taking pictures) of their Broadway Brisket.  It was absolutely good!  I can't even stop salivating right at this moment thinking of how this sandwich tastes like.  It's kind of sweet but salty at the same time.  Truly delectable.  Though for the size, I think the sandwich is quite small.  But don't get me wrong, for a 5-8-inch-size sandwich, it is very filling.  The side salad is fresh but it only comes in small amount.  The fries was overcooked but I liked it toasted as it gives the crunch.  I just don't know if that's how they really prepare their fries or was it just an incident.  Nevertheless, I loved it.
Broadway Brisket (Php 240)
The mac and cheese was overwhelming.  We didn't expect it to be in this huge dish.  It smells funky because it's loaded with parmesan.  It's cheesy but it's not that creamy as I've expected it to be.  It has tomato sauce in it so I'm thinking it's more of a lasagna and not the regular mac and cheese.  Although it tastes good, but I'm not dying to have some of it next time.  We even hadn't ate half of it since it's so heavy, so I had it wrapped and shared it with my colleagues.
Mac and Cheese Php 240
Will definitely go back to this place.  A must-try!

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