Sunday, January 15, 2012

Got Mugged!

October 14th is the most gruesome day I've ever had in my life.  I got mugged in front of our house at around 5:30 in the morning.  Getting mugged and slaughtered is rampant these days on the metro, based on the series of news that I've heard on the radio, and I've never ever thought that it could happen to us in the outskirts of Cavite.  Thank God I'm still alive.

How did it happen?  Well I woke up way too early than my usual that day.  I was too happy then, I just don't know why.  Maybe I was way looking forward attending the Zumba Fitness class after work.  

Instead of heading out at 5:15AM, I went doing something else so I left at around 5:30AM.  As I was unlocking our front gate, two baby buses passed by and told myself that I'd be late again.  As I locked the gate and crossed the street to wait for a ride to Noveleta, it didn't even reached a minute when a stranger on his motorcycle slowed down and stopped right in front of me.  He politely asked, "Good morning po, ma'am.  Saan po ba yung Bagbag?" (Good morning, ma'am.  Where's Bagbag located?).  Since he was polite, I answered him that we're at Bagbag.  Then he asked to where's the subdivision and I politely instructed him how to get there.  While I was speaking I noticed that he's looking behind him and in front then immediately pulled out a gun from his black jacket and pointed it right at me saying "P******* *o, akin na yang bag mo kung 'di papasabugin ko mukha mo" (You s** ** * ***ch, hand me your bag or I will blow your face).  I still can remember the way he said it.  The transition of his voice and his expression still gives me chills.  My reaction was a complete horror and shock at the same time.  I've never heard myself giving that kind of frightening scream.  It was not a shriek, but a heavy scream, scream that translates to begging him not to kill or hurt me in any way. 

While screaming with horror, I saw my mom's and siblings faces as well as my boyfriend's, and at the same time I saw myself lying face down on the road with blood around me.  Then I quickly remembered what my bf did when he got mugged around four years ago--he immediately handed his bag.  And that's what I did despite of my hesitation of not giving it to him due to the cell phone that belonged to my dad (in it were pictures of the interior of our house), the photocopies of mom's IDs abroad that could be an indication of a future robbery (you know how close-minded people are these days.  For them, people working abroad are rich--but in reality, they're not) and I had it in my bag since I'm about to run errands for her that day; our house keys, and the iPod that bf gave me (where I had my only video of dad in it).  He  then sped away after pulling my bag that I ended up having a bruise under my left arm and a sprain on my upper back (which was so painful by the way).

I even thought that the lady riding a motorcycle who was about to overtake was his "lookout", but minutes later, she came back, handing my headphone that was dragged on the road.  She was trying to chase him but he was too fast so she wasn't able to see his plate number.  Due to fear and shock, I wasn't able to get her name or her number so that she could stand as witness on the incident once I reported it to the police.

Right after the gate was unlocked by my sister's husband, I quickly went inside the house, called my bf, the police, turned on the computer, posted on Facebook that everyone should disregard any calls or texts coming from my number since I was just mugged, and spoke with my sister who happened to be online on Skype.  As I was about to speak to her, tears flowed, my entire body shaking, and told her the incident.  That's when she called my mom, and my mom called me on our home phone.  I put down the phone so that I would be able to contact all the banks that I have an account just to close them all, changed all my passwords on all sites that I use, changed locks on all doors and on the front gate.

It's almost an hour when the police came.  Funny thing is, they're just five minutes away from home.  That's how lazy our policemen are.  When they invited me to the station for blotter, I was kind of hesitant because I'm all alone.  Another thing is, I don't trust the police, and that's another story why.  Anyway, going back, by the time I went inside the police station, I was told to be seated and they will just call their chief.  It took five minutes for him to get out of the investigation room and when he was seated, it was clear that he just woke up from his deep sleep.  A very responsible police, I may say (sarcastically speaking).  I told him the story, what was inside the bag, and I was expecting that he'd get the cartographic sketch of the suspect, but he didn't.  I asked for it, but he just told me that we don't have any lead since I don't know what type of gun or motorcycle the suspect has, plus the fact that I didn't get to see its plate number.  I surrendered.  Even if I try asking for options, I do believe that they'll not work on this case.


I was on leave from work for almost a week because of the trauma the incident caused me.  I'm afraid of going out the house, but I had to.  That Monday after the incident, I was about  to go to LTO to get my driver's license.  I dropped off Noveleta opting to cross the street to go to the bank's ATM.  As I was walking, this man on his motorcycle was speeding towards me and my body just froze, I've had cold sweats, I held my breath, and my heart was beating hard.  I thought I'd get mugged the second time around.  I remember saying to myself, "not again".  Good thing is he was just crossing the intersection going left, since there's this street behind me.  That was terrifying.  I went back home immediately and didn't pushed through running errands.


Friday, the 21st, I went back to the police station to get a copy of the blotter.  The policemen who were on duty gave me an update on the situation wherein there were a couple of incidents that were similar to mine that had happened.  Same description of the culprit.  And just last week, my brother-in-law told me that a cell phone shop near the police station got robbed around 9AM.  It just scares me more.  How come when these culprits were caught and asked why do they do such horrific acts, they always say because they have mouths to feed, or they have a pregnant wife to support, or the most usual alibi is they don't have money or a job.  That's a complete BS!  They managed to have weapons and vehicles and they'll say they don't have money?!   I wish them to rot in hell.  I wish them illness that will keep them in pain for years as it serves as their karma on the things they had done to others.

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