Monday, June 11, 2012

"Just Like The Sky" on "Flat Whites"

It was nice of Max (director) for including our band's song on his latest Flat Whites episode.  That just gave me chills!  I blame myself for confusing him on who to put on the credits because of the way I filled up the form he sent me.  But anyway, it's fine with us since Siegfried is our bandmate and he composed the song anyway.  :)

I've shared this episode on my wall though all links referring to this video mysteriously disappeared!  We were frantic and thought that the episode was banned by Facebook.  We thought that having ***** on titles will automatically ban your from the site.  But my blog's page on the said social media site was having glitches where all my links for the month of June were gone as well, so, maybe that wasn't the case. Everything went back several minutes after, and we all had a good laugh after watching this episode.

Does Phil's dad remind you of someone?  LOL.  Go watch.  I might spoil the rest of this episode if I go on.

Phil meets his father and discovers an awful family secret! 

Feat. Christian Heath, Tom Bonington & Catherine Nathalie Delaloye. Director: Max De Bowen. Music composed by Siegfried Torres Montero & performed by his band Soft Pillow Kisses. MaxFilm 2012.

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