Thursday, July 12, 2012

Farewell, Pidol

grabbed from Dolphy's Facebook account
I'm deeply saddened by the King of Comedy's passing.  I remember saying to let him go after watching the news weeks ago.  It's not easy to be confined in a hospital.  I had a firsthand experience being confined at a hospital, Makati Medical Center to be exact, just last week due to dengue.  Since I'm at the same hospital where "Pidol" was at, I still hadn't had the chance to visit him at the ICU.  He was just three floors up.  But I was able to see Vandolph at the lobby on my late night stroll (in a wheelchair) with John.  He looked beat and worried.  I wanted to say something but chose to let him walk past through me.

It was Wednesday last week when I was admitted at the hospital and my "itay", which I fondly call my bandmate and friend, was the first person to visit me.  Years ago he kept telling me that I really look like Dolphy, and he mentioned it, yet again.  I then told him my encounter with Pidol back in high school at Quad (now known as Glorietta) in a magazine store.  I was with my dad and my sibs then.  We were scattered across the shop, fixated on the magazines that interests us.  As I was mesmerized by the magazine that was on my hand that time, I remember talking to my 'dad' then without looking at him since I know it was him right beside me.  So I can just see him through the corner of my right eye.  Then realized he wasn't paying attention to me, I looked at him and realized it wasn't dad--it was Dolphy, dressed in white polo, pants and shoes, with a white bull cap on.  He looked like my dad.  He looked at me then smiled.  I don't know if I smiled back but I remember running towards my dad who was just behind me then and whispered "Dy, kamukha mo pala si Dolphy (snickers)" ("Dy, I just realized you look like Dolphy").  Dad giggled and I just wish that we have a camera on hand so we could take pictures with Pidol.

Now they're both gone (dad and Dolphy).

I remember those nights when the entire family watched "Home Along Da Riles".  Yes, most of it was slapstick comedy, but it is still funny.  Only Pidol can pull it off, the same thing goes with "Buddy en Sol," Babalu, Rene Requiestas, Palito among others.  But, of course, Pidol, I believe, started it all.  "Home Along Da Riles" was part of my childhood, Dolphy is part of our lives.  He's been in the industry for 60 plus years, and on those six decades, he has touched generations.  He'll be surely missed.

found these posters on a corner at Adarna Food & Culture

Rodolfo Vera Quizon, Sr.
July 25, 1928 - July 10, 2012
You will be forever missed.  Thank you for the laughter you brought to us.

Zsa-Zsa's eulogy that really made me cry..

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