Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Personal Shopper Experience

It's good to be back in the blogger zone.  I've just had the most hectic weeks for this year and so I've been behind here on my blog.  So here's a post to make up on my 'tardiness'. :p


Back in late October, I was tapped by Erzullie to be one of their personal shoppers.  I was a bit skeptical since it would be my first time dealing with Erzullistas (who are loyal customers of the line) or walk-in clients because I was too worried that I might get misunderstood (because I always am).  But, alas, after showing up on the series of bazaars on the past couple of months, I got great feedback from the beautiful ladies!  Thank you for the wonderful feedback and I'll treasure it forever.  :)  I really had great time dressing up our clients and having seen their facial expressions with pure delight and gratitude was absolutely amazing and fulfilling.  Spreading awesomeness is indeed fulfilling.  Hehe.  :)   See you next year!

Top (L-R):  Erzullista owners/designers Berna and Aries, with one of our beautiful Erzullista, Mau.
Bottom left:  Erzullista Valerie with designer/owner Aries.
Bottom right:  Erzullista Valerie.

Too bad I was too preoccupied with styling and only got a couple of photos with the fierce Erzullistas.  I'm definitely bad with names too!  So if ever I get to bump with you, don't get offended if I don't remember your names.  I do have a photographic memory though.  :)

Thanks, Aries, for the macadamia nut latte by Afters.  My new favorite drink!
We absolutely loved Sophie's Mom's red velvet cupcakes.  :)

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